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About Me – Tina Barnash Web Design Coach & Consultant

“Share. Learn. Explore. Enjoy. Everyday.”

Hello, I’m Tina Barnash. I live on the Western Slope of Colorado. Aside from my family, and the great outdoors, my biggest passion is helping others create a successful web presence!

Thank you for visiting the website and blog today. For many years now I have been involved in the online community; not only as a web designer, developer, graphic designer, coach, and consultant, but as an online business owner since 2003, with several of my own eCommerce stores and blogs.

I love what I do! I have really enjoyed being here, especially when it comes to helping others attain their online goals. With this in mind, I have taken my hard earned knowledge and experience, and come up with what I hope is the answer to your needs.

“Training, Tools, Support, Insight To Go The Distance”


One of the things I enjoy most in life is experiencing the great outdoors. When I am not working online, I am out absorbing myself in it every chance I get.

A native to the Western Slope of Colorado, where a seemingly endless expanse of gorgeous mountain vistas and forest covered valleys are only a 20 minute drive away, I have enjoyed it all my life. (Hence all the pine trees and rural landscapes on my site here – it’s simply a part of who I am.)

I could take you straight to a lot of beautiful, scenic spots I call favorites. Show you a lot of paths through thick pine forests that reveal wonderous landscapes. Ponds where beavers swim lazily along, basking in the hot summer sun.  Mossy, pine filled ravines where delicious wild King Bolete and Chanterelle mushrooms grow.

Coming to the point here, online, in the eCommerce world, I’ve done some trecking around too.  I don’t know everything of course. Would never claim to; it’s simply too vast for anyone to claim that. Perhaps only a select few.

However, I have a lot of beneficial, essential strategies, techniques, tips, and tricks I’m excited to share with you. And I’m happy to show you trusted resources and tools of the trade that can help you get the fastest, most affordable, and most effective results with your online presence. 

I like helping people with their web presence, and I know you’ll get a lot out of it, so I have lots of essential training and support for you.

I’ll be posting lots of free video tutorials, and paid eCourses to help you out in the most affordable way possible, and I created 3 comprehensive training guides and some great checklists to help you with vital areas of your web presence.

And of course, I offer beautiful web graphics, motion graphics and video elements to make all of your web and video projects stand out from the rest!

Web Presence Conversations

Web Presence Conversations

I am passionate about online business, and the web properties that make it all possible. I am dedicated to helping others create a successful, visually appealing online presence.

I enjoy working with my personal clients, simplifying things for them, helping to solve their problems, guiding them towards the best services and software, and showing them the best practices and strategies.

Its not all about designing a beautiful website or blog; its about building a complete web presence. This means branding that attracts attention, internet marketing that gets results, content marketing that delivers unique, conversational content, even on site SEO. These all go hand in hand.

After all, an awesome website gets us no where unless people see it.

A great way to draw organic traffic to your website, and also one of the best ways to engage visitors and customers, keep them up to date and informed about your business, services and/or products, and build authority and trust in your brand, your business, is content marketing. In fact, content marketing is essential for today’s online businesses.

While we are at it, did you know that one of the best places to focus your content marketing efforts, is on your blog? Or that a blog can significantly increase your traffic?

Yes, it is true, blogs can increase your traffic by over 400%. With properly applied content marketing, and SEO they have the power to drive tons of traffic straight to your website…for free.

Organic traffic with staying power.

And the best part is, they have the power to convert those visitors into a loyal following, and in to customers, because no matter the business, websites and blogs are where it all happens most often.

Hopefully you get my point. So many exciting conversations to be had…and I look forward to each and every one of them!

“Focus on what matters most…”

What matters most to you?

I’m all about sharing what I have learned, helping others to establish, manage and grow their web presence…

➣ Waking up (late in the morning), grabbing my coffee, and checking my inbox to see how I can help others.

➣ Creating digital training materials and videos designed to help others get the skills they need to effectively promote their business online. I truly appreciate how effective, convenient, affordable and easy it makes it for people just like you and me to share, and learn, these skills.

➣ Discussing web design, development, content marketing, content writing, SEO, video creation and editing, graphic design…just about anything that goes hand in hand with online business.

➣ Learning something new every day, creating something new every day, and sharing my passion with others who, like me, are infinitely interested in all the internet has to offer us.

This why I became a coach and consultant in the first place. And I am so glad I did! While I was able to help some really wonderful people with their web presence, this experience has also been vital in to own projects.

I have been up to a lot behind the scenes this past year. I have worked hard to create professional video training courses, ebooks, checklists and other great educational materials, because helping others with what matters most to them, is what matters most to me!

What REALLY Matters Most…

Creating a successful web presence is not just about building a pretty website. It’s not just about selling things.

And I’m not talking about Social Media, forums, platforms, blogs, online marketplaces or any of the other essential, foundational elements of your Web Presence. Sure, these are “must haves”, just like attention grabbing, quality imagery. Very important to your Content Marketing.

What I am saying is…

It’s all about providing a quality experience for our audience; our visitors, and readers. It’s about creating unique, conversational content that has value and meaning, and effectively sharing that content with others. It’s about truly reaching our audience, connecting with them on an emotional level, offering them real solutions to their problems or needs, and engaging them with real conversation. And most of all, living up to our promises to our customers and clients.

In doing this you humanize yourself and your busines, making yourself available to your audience instead of just another Brand they find on the internet. You frame yourself as a trusted authority in your industry. Do this effectively and those conversations will surely turn into conversions.

In the end, it’s about delivering real value; becoming a beneficial member of the online community.

I am excited to discuss it all with you. Everything that matters most. And here, I hope to help create and carry on helpful conversations about building and managing your online presence, with information, strategy, and educational materials that you can rely on.

I wanted to create a place where you can get the right information to help you build your website or blog the right way, the first time, or enhance your existing presence and make it better. Without the confusion. Without the stress. Without the costly mistakes.

And if you need graphics for your projects, don’t forget to visit my new online graphics shop Video Graphics Edge for web graphics and video elements.

As always,

Explore, Learn & Enjoy!

Tina Barnash Coach Consultant Instructor

-Tina Barnash
Web Presence Coach & Consultant
Video Graphics Edge

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