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Relax For Awhile & Enjoy The Fall Colors

Relax For Awhile & Enjoy The Fall Colors

Relax For Awhile & Enjoy The Fall Colors

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to share a video I created a few years back for Cool Notion Quest. Just a quick mix of beautiful fall scenery and tranquil music that makes for a great 10 minute work break. So take a few minutes to join me here; Relax For Awhile & Enjoy The Fall Colors…

I still watch it myself, especially in the winter when I get to missing the fall foliage. It’s one of life’s greatest experiences in my opinion, and I look forward to it every year. Hearing the colorful leaves softly crunching under your feet, the earthy, sweet smell of the autumn forest on a sunny afternoon. I enjoy taking my kids and my two Shih Tzu out for a walk in the mountains every fall. Knowing of course that it will all soon be covered in a deep blanket of snow makes it all the more enjoyable, with the last few weeks or days of warm outdoor fun at hand.

Time To Collect Your Thoughts

It’s always a welcome break from work, even though I enjoy what I do. But we all have to take some time for ourselves, get out and about, clear our minds. And this is how I like to spend my time, just about every weekend, every fall.  Of course, I take every opportunity to spend all the time I can get during summer out and about in the surrounding mountains too. I find I can collect my thoughts and focus on things better when I return from a relaxing wander in the forest. I have always found that I come up with most of my best ideas on one of these adventures too.

But there’s just something so special about a walk in the forest in the fall. More calming somehow, more relaxing. Maybe it’s the crisp autumn air, or the bright, gold colored leaves rustling in a light breeze, the welcoming smell of the forest floor. Maybe it’s the feeling of being completely at ease, or maybe its everything all together; I find it inspires me to want to create, to grow, to share, and inspires me to come up with those ideas. At the same time it relaxes me, it energizes me for the winter to come, with all kinds of new goals, new exciting tasks to accomplish before spring.

Want More Of A Break?

I also created this Sea Turtle video (because I love sea turtles and find watching them relaxing), so if you want a few more minutes of break time be sure to check it out 🙂

So I hope you enjoy the video. Sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee, and perhaps you’ll find some of that inspiration and focus as well!

Relax For Awhile & Enjoy The Fall Colors

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