Ultimate WP Website Workshop

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About The Ultimate WP Website Workshop

The Ultimate WP Website Workshop is designed to help you easily build, customize and brand your own WP website or blog. In the video workshop, I'll walk you step by step through creating your site and making it your own.

This includes how to install your theme, customize and brand your site (using ReHub Theme), adjust your settings, create pages and posts, menus, set up your header and footer menu, set up your header and footer, integrate your social accounts, create contact forms, set up widgets, static page content, and more! And I'll show you how to design an awesome homepage for your site or blog.

I'll also show you my list of basic, must have plugins for vital features and functionality.

Whether you would like to build a blog, or a website (with optional blog), these easy on-screen directions will guide you to create a complete, professional looking WP site.

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How Long Will It Take?

That depends on you. You CAN have your site set up and ready to go in as little as a few hours! Or, it could take you a few days or weeks, it just depends on how much time you can devote to your project. It also depends on the extent of the site you will be creating; larger sites will take longer to build. And of course, it depends on the features and customization level you need.

I will show you how to create a complete WP website or blog, with a polished, professional looking design, regardless of your niche or brand. And we'll set up the basic features required for any professional website or blog, including your Privacy Policy, Terms, and a contact page with a contact form.

Where Can I Get The ReHub Theme?

Great choice! The ReHub theme is one of the most popular themes for WP, in part because despite it's enormous number of built in features, it is professionally coded to be light-weight, with a super-fast page load speed.

It also currently comes with 9 different versions built in, so you can choose the version that best suits your needs. Don't worry, there is one for just about any niche or industry you may have.

You can purchase and download the theme here: Click Here To Purchase & Download ReHub Theme. (Since I highly recommend ReHub theme, this is an affiliate link. If you purchase the theme via this link the proceeds will go to support my efforts here. Thanks!)


What about hosting?

You can use any hosting solution you would like; I would recommend BlueHost if you are looking for a big corp solution. Their pricing is reasonable, and they offer a free SSL for the first two years when you purchase a hosting plan.

However, when you Join Me for more essential training at Web Genesis Nation I'll get you directly in touch with the only hosting solution I use; 3 guys who provide super support, along with reliable, affordable hosting. And by affordable I mean less than you probably pay for coffee each month!

Now, I don't want to bug my guys with anyone that isn't truly serious about having a WP website. Because these guys take web hosting seriously. So out of the utmost respect, I'm only giving this detail away to paid Members of Web Genesis Nation. When you sign up with them, you'll understand why I'm so protective of my wonderful host.

Tips For Best Results From The Workshop

Helpful Tips For Getting The Most Out Of The Workshop

My daughter Nikki has joined me to help provide this essential training, because she's just as passionate about websites and Online Presence as I am. So she'll be helping with Members' tutorials, materials, tech, and support too!

Our goal is to help you create your own professional website or blog. That all important "Home On The Web" that you need in order to be successful in your online business efforts. We want to help you as much as we can, so we have put together some helpful tips on how to make the most of your digital eLearning experience.

  • Quality Workshop & Materials

    The Workshop and other materials we provide are professionally developed and well organized. Everything has been carfully designed to walk you step by step through the process of creating your WP website or blog, in the most effective manner possible. This will help make building your website faster, easier, and far less stressful than going it alone!

    For additional training and support we recommend joining us with a Web Genesis Nation Membership if you can. You can access your Membership right here on the site soon. We’ll be there to help you with any questions you may have, and provide extra instruction to make the most of your website project.

    Just be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible by clicking the button to the right; space in the group is limited to only 1000 members so we can provide the best VIP support and additional training possible. And the $24.99/mth introductory offer will only be available to the first 100 members.

    We are going to have lots of fun building your website, blog, and Online Presence. So don’t miss out!

  • Managable Tasks For Best Results

    You have a lot of powerful training and information at your fingertips here. While we know you are eager to jump right in and get your website set up quickly, we recommend that you complete each step in order, one at a time.

    This will help cut down on confusion and your setup will be more effective.

    We’ve broken down the WP Website Workshop into easily manageable tasks so you can complete the entire process as quickly and effectively as possible. This will ensure that you get the best results, while cutting down on frustration.

    You may complete everything in a day or two, or it might take longer. It all just depends on how much time you spend building your website, your skill level, and among other things, how prepared you are for your website setup.

    Either way, be sure to schedule time each day for building and growing your site, and stick to it. Don’t stop until you have completed your beautiful new website. And it is never really complete. It needs regular attention to grow and flourish. This will help ensure success!

    Be patient while building your site. Every day brings a rewarding result. Because with each step you complete, you will see your website coming to life!

    And, when you follow along and complete the tasks detailed in the Workshop, you will have a complete site when you are finished.

  • Full Understanding Of WP Features Is Essential

    Take your time and be sure to fully understand and complete each step before moving on to the next step. Don’t worry, your website will be ready to go quickly enough. Because the better you understand each step of the process, the faster and easier it will be for you to build your site.

    Also, the better you understand WP and how a website is created on the platform, the easier it will be for you to make future changes when needed. Full understanding of WordPress features will also enable you to more easily maintain and manage your site once it is live.

    This tip will save you time going back to fix things later, and avoid having errors displaying live online.

  • Downloadable Additional Materials

    We’ve got downloadable accompanying materials for you to help ensure that you complete vital elements or tasks for best results. These materials are also specially designed to act as quick reference later on. You may not remember every step you took in detail once your site is complete, so they will help you to quickly go back and adjust features on your site when needed.

    Be sure to download any materials that come with the Workshop; you can highlight important information, steps or topics for quick reference to make your experience easier and more effective.

  • Focus On Building Your Website

    When you work online independantly, it’s essential that you know how to make the most of your time and stay focused. Optimal focus is extremely important. Being able to concentrate on your site will help you avoid confusion, mistakes, and ultimately, it will made your website creation go much faster.

    Make sure that you don’t get distracted during the Workshop. Turn off any distracting noises, like your cell phone. Avoid social media, checking your email, and other distractive activities. Work on your website in your office, your bedroom, or any quiet place where you can pay close attention to the instruction in the Workshop.


    Have fun and enjoy building your site! This is very important. Because if you fight it and get frustrated, that stress is likely to come across in your work.

    Our websites are the embodiment of our attitude towards our business, towards our audience, visitors and customers. And that attitude should be a pleasant one. That’s why we have created this Workshop to help you avoid the stress typically associated with building a WordPress site.

    We don’t just want to help you build your site. We want you to enjoy building your website too. So we are going to do this just like I do with my clients. This is no stuffy Workshop; we always have fun with our websites. I always have some fun with my clients, just to lighten the mood, especially if I feel they are getting frustrated. So there will be humor, there will be witty comentary whenever possible. There will probably even be some swearing, but it will be all in good humor.

    There’s no since in ruining the mood (and a perfectly good site) with a few little hangups. We’ll sort it out and move on because that’s the way we roll. So be forewarned, we aren’t here to bore you to death.

    We are here to have fun together creating an awesome website that you can be proud of. A website with an enjoyable environment your visitors will want to come back to again and again. And that, my friends, is how to build a site that’s designed for success!

    So be sure to Join Me For Your Email Invitation to the Workshop, and join us here when the Workshop goes live for what we hope will be an amazing experience for all!