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Each and every one of us who are successful in our online efforts can easily trace our steps back to at least one individual coach, consultant, mentor, or trainer in our past who provided the assistance and guidance we needed to achieve our goals, and helped to put us on the right path. In many cases, we just needed someone to help us “see the forest for the trees” in order to succeed.

You are no different. Neither am I.

I’ve actually had several mentors, and I appreciate each and every one of them. We all do. And we appreciate our mentors  because we understand the importance of professional guidance and advice, because we understand the positive effects it can have on our efforts. We are inspired to dedicate ourselves patiently to learning that which we need to know. We are also determined to apply that knowledge in order to see our goals come to fruition. We believe in ourselves, we believe in our business. We work hard day in, and day out to make sure that each aspect is thoroughly covered. This is the mindset that results in success…and we understand that too.

Real Guidance. Real Web Presence. Real Online Business.

A polished, professional web presence is critical for successful online businesses. This critical aspect deserves every bit as much attention to detail as any other part of our business.

Each component of this presence must be properly created, managed, and maintained. Our websites must represent our business accurately, present it beautifully, and function properly. It must also adapt as our businesses grow, needs change, and as technology and web standards change. Other elements, such as social media, videos, etc., are critical in getting the word out about our businesses, keeping viewers updated about our products or services, and bringing traffic to our websites and blogs.

I have created some videos for you that will help you understand more about creating your web presence;

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The primary goal of my Coaching and Consulting Services was always to help others establish, manage, and grow a full, effective Web Presence.  And it’s been a real pleasure. However, delivering my assistance the old fashioned way was always less convenient for them than I would like. Because taking time out of their busy schedule to join me for phone, chat or Skyp conferences, consultation or training sessions is often difficult to pull off and get the most out of the experience. Between the distraction from their other business needs during the day, and the considerable amount of information involved, it can be difficult to absorb it all in such a short time. Which means repeated assitance and training on the same topic, and that costs my clients unneccesary time and money.

And at the same time, it limits my ability to help as many people as I would like to get this essential information and training. Then too I realized that aside from some initial consultation, and personalized strategy and planning, most of the help I provide doesn’t really have to be delivered in this way. So a little over a year ago I decided to move to a different method that would enable me to provide professional guidance, training, and assistance, and help you as much as possible, but without you being inconvenienced by appointments and the expense of persoanl coaching and consulting serivces.

Only recently having become readily and easily available in the last few years, Digital Media eLearning makes it possible to deliver more efficient training to remote clients, along with everyone else I can reach, and gives you the ability to learn at your convenience. And having those educational materials on hand, whether its a Video Training Course, an eBook guide, or helpful checklists, you can go over any part again and again, instead of having to wait for another appointment to get more training!

So I am really happy to offer you what I hope will be the answer to your needs…

I am excited to offer my essential training through a growing collection of eLearning materials; digital training courses, guides, checklists and other materials you can use any time, anywhere to get the information, strategy and skills you need. These video and eBook courses, checklists, reports and other ditigal downloadable materials will be available at vendors and marketplaces across the internet, and you can get them at my eStore Video Graphics Edge!

So these days I develop and produce Digital e Learning Courses and materials, offering you the opportunity to join me and get critical skills and training fast, on a budget, or on a tight schedule. These courses and training materials will be far more efficient, convenient, and  affordable for you.

eLearning Courses

My goal in this endeaver is to eventually put everything I could teach you personally, into eLearning Courses both for your convenience, as well as to help more people get this essential information and training. I believe that this is one of the best ways for me to assist you. I have already created some fantastic eBook Courses that will help you with some of the most common issues my clients have come to me for help with; Content Marketing & Content Writing. These were closely followed with a Branding Video Course containing valuable information and resources to help you create your very own, attention grabbing brand. This important training being thoroughly covered, I am working on several new courses, like the Web Presence Blueprint to show you one of the most effective, and affordable ways to set up an effective Web Presence. (The very same strategy I have shared with my clients.)

Sometime in the next year or so I will tackle helping you get your business, products and services online, with an eCommerce store of your own. And I will also create digital training to show you how to create a sensational service website, and a beautifully functional blog! I am also entertaining the thought of developing Seminars and Workshops around each of these digital training courses so that you can get additional in person guidance and training if you would like, without the expense of coaching and consulting services. But we shall see where I get to this year; I have a lot on my plate right now!

So, for the forseeable future, essentially, I am packing all of my experience, knowledge, and skills into these powerful eCourses, using technology, and professional teaching techniques to ensure that you get the best educational experience possible! And I am possitive that I am making the right move, doing the best thing I could do for you, and anyone else who needs help with their online business efforts.

Who are these eCourses for?

  • Startups
  • Micro – Small Businesses
  • Local Service Businesses
  • Sole Proprietors
  • Direct Sellers
  • Bloggers
  • Remote Service Industry Businesses
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Network & Niche Marketers
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals looking to establish a web presence for personal projects.
  • Ebayers’ and Etsy store owners looking to create their own websites, and keep more of their profits.

The eCourses will provide the vital guidance and training you need for various areas of your Web Presence. They will also help you successfully expand, update, or redesign an existing web presence, and even market your local business online. And anything I have not currently covered myself, I have sourced excellent, professional digital training materials to help you until I can give these topics the attention they deserve.

Another great perk; you can also use these eCourses to train employees who will perform future maintenance to your site(s), or blog independently, or under your close supervision.

If you have retained a “big brand” web design company to design and develop, or re-design your website, or other service providers to set up other compents of your online presence, the Web Presence Blueprint will help get you informed of options you may not be aware of, and help you prepare essential materials you’ll be asked to provide in order to get things all set up. Because I know from experience that those big brand services don’t do it all for you, no matter what they say. And when it comes right down to it, there are simply things you just have to do yourself, or at least have put together my someone in your camp who knows how your particular business works. And even when you can get these materials put together for you, you may find that they turn out rather generic, lacking your charisma, or character that you really should have present in your online presence.

How the eCourses will help you with existing services you’ve hired.

Just like my personal coaching and consulting services, I design or source the eCourses I offer to help you create a complete, successful online presence. The courses are carefully designed to:

  • Fully inform you of available options, features, and functions, which may not be disclosed by the service provider, and you may not be aware of.
  • Help you understand these options and features, and select the best options and features for your particular website or blog.
  • Effectively communicate your selections, preference and requirements to the web designer, helping to reduce or eliminate “re-do’s” and complications, by getting you familiar with what you need and the terminology used to describe it.

My clients have found these services to be immensely helpful in getting their website up and running in a smooth, timely manner, and coming away with the web presence they were looking for. And you will to.

Training in offsite aspects of your online presence, such as social media, are even be available in Digital Downloadable Media, eLearning Course format!

Last but certainly not least, sometimes we just need some inspiration, help with organization, or focus in order to realize that goal we are reaching for. Though it will certainly be a challenge, I intend to develop digital training courses and materials to assist business owners with creative thinking, brainstorming, organization, and planning in the future as well.

Digital Training Overview:

The courses I develope and create will help you get the training you need to achieve quality design, branding, and content, as well as best SEO and IM practices in all of your web projects. And of course, help with critical factors that will allow your website or blog to generate traffic, and your visitors to engage with your brand, then be converted to suit your needs. Again, I do employ professional educational techniques to create my courses, and ensure that your learning experience is always top-notch.

What do those techniques include? 

To begin with, the concept of watching and hearing instruction as well as reading it is well known to create a better educational experience. Because it’s just a fact that most of us tend to learn, and absorb information more effectively when we use more of our senses. Along with techniques like emphasizing key information with on-screen highlights and notes, on-screen video visual demonstration alongside audio instruction, and memorization techniques, I use every resource I can to help you succeed.

This is what I have in store for you now, and in the future:

  • Friendly, professional “How To” training and resources for website and/or blog design projects, as well as training in the other important elements of a full web presence.
  • DIY webmasters, business owners, and entrepreneurs will benefit from eCourses carefully designed to help you create, maintain, update, and grow your online presence while retaining full control over your website or blog.
  • Video Training Courses to help you master basic to advanced website/blog maintenance, SEO, social media, and other internet marketing topics, including helpful web hacks everyone will appreciate.
  • And don’t forget, I’ll also be showing you a relatively new, innovative, and highly effective way to get your own, professional eCommerce store up and running quickly. And better yet, do it without spending a fortune on the site, or advertising to get traffic! (I am really excited to show you this, because this is where eCommerce is headed. You want to be there, trust me.)
  • Web Graphics, Motion Web Graphics & Video Elements – One of my guilty pleasures in life is creating sensational visual imagery. My hard drives are full of this digital artwork, and I want to share them all with you! So, I have set up a graphics store where I’ll be offering all of my digital imagery for both personal/commercial use, as well as developer licensing so web designers and video editors can use them to build their portfolio, and in their clients’ projects! My shop is called Video Graphics Edge, and it is new, but I’ll be adding graphics weekly, so be sure to check it out!

More On Those Web & Video Graphics…

I am excited to offer my work, and of course it gives me an excuse to keep creating web backgrounds, icons, web design graphics packages, motion web graphics and stunning video elements. As you know, imagery is very important to your web presence. This visual content attracts visitors, and piques their interest, and can even be used in marketing, such as the case with the Whiteboard Motion Characters I am working on. I also have motion web icons and motion vintage and retro logo templates coming down the pipeline…so if you are in need of unique, premium quality graphics head on over and see my available graphics. I look forward to seeing you around there!

Now I have one last thing I would like to share with you…

What really matters.

At the end of the day, all that really matters to your customers or clients is that they can trust you to deliver on your promises. No amount of beautiful web design, software, gadgets, or catchy content and images will attract, engage, and retain clientele like succeeding in building a presence that embodies these two simple words:

Authority & Trust

Remember these words.

To succeed in any business, it is true you must know how to structure your web presence, deliver your products and/or services effectively, market your business, provide top-notch customer servicce, and so on. But above all you must know how to position yourself as a trusted authority in your field or industry. You must apply this knowledge, you must work hard, you must stay focused. You must also believe in yourself, and in your business, and you must be patient!

Your customers will not be impressed by fancy “bells and whistles” if you don’t have their trust. They will not be motivated to move on a purchase by meaningless hype, or even tantalizing promotions.

It may take time, but eventually your customers will find their reason to buy your products or services if you provide them with quality, authoritative content that speaks to their questions about your business, products or services, what you can do for them, and their concerns about doing business with you. (And the search engines will reward you for your unique, conversational content as well, by sending more prospective customers and clients your way.)

Position yourself as an authority in your field or industry, and both you, and your customers will be happy with the results. Keep in mind that your customers may not even be aware that they are apprehensive about buying from you, until they find that security in your content that makes them feel a connection with you, moves them to trust you. And that’s what business is all about, being real with your customers, being honest, delivering on your promises; being a real authority. One they can trust. This is the best advice I could possibly give you, now and forever.

“The creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.”

I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge, experience, and skills with those who have a passion for their business, non-profit, or personal projects, helping them to achieve their online goals. And their dreams, whatever those dreams may be.

For me that’s what it’s all about; helping people who want the best for their businesses, their lives, their families, their customers and clients.

It’s about helping to bring your wonderful products or services to those who want them or need them most, by guiding you to represent your business in a manner that facilitates authority and trust, and positioning your brand where your customers and clients can easily find you.

Its about achieving a true Synergy; working together to create a successful, lasting online presence. One that serves both its owner(s), and its clientele well, and is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Get the help you need. 

Visit my homepage, or the Video Graphics Edge Shop to purchase my latest eLearning Courses, and Premium Web Graphics.

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Feel free to leave comments or questions.

If you would like to request a specific training product, please feel free to do so. Your suggestions are always welcome, and I will be happy to see what I can do for you!

All my best,

-Tina Barnash

Web Design Coaching, Consulting Services – With Tina Barnash