Need A Website, A Blog, Or Digital Art?

Let's Get Started!

Need A Website, A Blog, Or Digital Art?

Let's Get Started!

Get What You Need To Do What You Want…

Hi, I’m Tina Barnash. I believe that with the right help, resources, and materials, you can create anything you want! From your very own website, to your own handmade crafts, like shirts, mugs and home decor …

You can design your life to be what you want; all you need is the right tools!

That’s why I’m giving you the helpful information here on my site, and sharing my digital art with you; to help you create the things you want to create, and love doing it!

The help you need, any time you need it!

Because I truly want to help you create your website, your blog, to craft gifts for your family, or popular items for your shop, I’m excited to show you what I have to will help with your project!

I posses an eclectic collection of knowledge and skills, I’ll admit. But, these are the things I know I can help you with; these are my areas of expertise. And if you want help with your website or blog, are looking for great graphics for your web presence, or artwork for your craft projects, then I’m here to help you!

So, let’s talk all things creative here. Let’s start a conversation about your website, blog and logo design, or about imagery to make the things you want to make…

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~Albert Einstein

Let your imagination run wild. Create what you want! If you want a website, let’s get that done for you! If you want to design a logo, we can do that too. And for crafters; if you want great designs for your craft projects, I’ve got you covered there as well! Regardless of whether it’s for personal or commercial purposes, I’m always happy to help you create what you want, and love doing it!

Website Help

I’ll Help You Build Your Site

Get live training where I’ll show you exactly how to
create your website or blog with WP…

SVG Cut Files Cricut Silhouette

SVG Craft & Other Digital Art

Visit my shop for SVG’s for your
personal & commercial projects..

Cloud 9 Design SVG Visit My Etsy Shop
more about my svg dxf craft files

Cloud 9 Design SVG Visit My Etsy Shop
more about my svg dxf craft files

Create Something Amazing

Quality Artwork To Enhance Your Creativity

What Will You Create Today?

If you have a creative urge and need artwork for your craft project, I’ve got you covered with quality SVG & DXF designs you’ll love. Want to make a t-shirt with your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine? Perhaps a hand made gift for someone special with your Glow Forge? Choose from the ever increasing selection of SVG cut files I have for you, and craft something special today!

My SVG files for Cricut, Silhouette and other cutting machines make it super easy for you to create fabulous items for your home, decorate clothing, bags, bedding, gift cards, invitations… pretty much anything you wish to create!

Most Of My Designs Can Be Used For Personal And/Or Commercial Projects!

So you can make anything from shirts and other gear for the cheerleader in your life, or a great gift for that special someone, to earrings, and home decor to make your world a more beautiful place.

If you have an Etsy, Ebay or Amazon shop you can use my designs to create one of a kind, hand crafted items that your customers will love!

So save time hunting around for artwork and check out all my great designs in my shop today, so you can spend less time finding a great design, and more time doing what you love … happy crafting! 

Cloud 9 Design SVG Visit My Shop

It's All About Web Presence

Your Web Presence

Your WordPress Website

Let’s Talk About Your Website Or Blog…

WP is the #1 choice of professional internet marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses everywhere. That’s because the WP content management system, or CMS, is pretty much unbeatable for design flexibility, functionality and features. In fact, if you like my site, I built it using WordPress. And since it is FREE to use, it is available to everyone! 

Having a site or blog built on WP means you have the ability to scale your site any time you need, design it to suit your needs, and have access to any feature or function you could possibly need. And WP is super search engine friendly, so it’s great for getting visitors to your content!

What Kind Of WP Site Will You Build?

It all depends on your business, your needs. Point is, you CAN make a fantastic website, without the expense and hassle of hiring a designer. My training videos, materials, and coaching services are designed to show you how to build your site from scratch; so you can get the site you need!

Your WP Site Unleashed & Beyond…

Once your basic WP site comes to life, you’ll want to enhance it. One of the biggest reasons why WP is so popular is because you can make it look and function pretty much however you want it to.

So I’m excited to show you how to unleash your site’s full potential, with additional customization and plugin instruction to help you quickly take your site to a whole new level. (The kind of site that generally costs $2000+)

What About The Rest Of  Your Online Presence?

Yes, you will need more than just a website to make your dreams of online success come true. So I’m happy to help you with Responsive & Mobile Responsive Design, how to set up your Social Media accounts and Email Marketing, and even exclusive, comprehensive Branding help if you need it. And if you like, I’ll even show you additional ways to monetize your site so you can increase your revenue, including how to add a valuable membership option to your site!

Membership Helps You Build Your Web Presence


Don’t forget the graphics…

Because you will need great graphics to make your web presence and marketing efforts stand out from the rest! I’m planning to offer unique web graphics at available at affordable prices. Soon you’ll be able to shop my growing collection of psd logo templates, buttons, icons, headers and more for your website, along with video motion title templates in Pr and Ae formats, and motion backgrounds for your video projects! These will help you create amazing marketing videos for your business.  Check Out My SVG Graphics To See What’s Available Now

Cloud 9 Design Visit My Shop

Creative Resources Crafting Website Blog
discover how fun and easy it really can be
Creative Resources Crafting Website Blog
discover how fun and easy it really can be

You CAN Do It

“Together, we will create something memorable!”

“Together, we will create something memorable!”
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