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Hi, I’m Tina Barnash. I believe that with the right help and resources, you can create and manage your site, be it a website or a blog, and build an Online Presence you can be proud of.

That’s why I’m giving you the helpful information here; the opportunity to gain powerful knowledge and essential skills that will serve you well. Vital training, tools and resources you can use to make your website or blog the best it can be. And to create the memorable Online Presence you need and deserve.

The help you need, any time you need it!

Because I truly want to help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in their online efforts with accurate, informative, digital guidance you can count on.

I’ve carefully arranged everything you’ll see here, and everything that is coming up, so you can benefit from these vital resources any time you have the time. Affordable, effective and efficient guidance and training to get the skills and help you need.

So, if you need help with your Online Presence, be sure to take a look around the site here. Keep scrolling and we’ll talk about your site some more. And if you can, join me in the Members’ Suite Soon➦

“Helping you realize the potential of your online presence,
and make it happen.

I’m excited to be providing this vs my traditional coaching method, because it’s also so much more convenient for you. You can even go back and access any tutorial you need, again and again. I’ll be here to help you anytime!

Ultimate WP Workshop Build A Website

Ultimate WP Website Workshop

This Digital Workshop shows you exactly how to
create your website or blog with WP…

Web Genesis Nation Membership

Web Training Members Suite

Join me for essential Internet Presence Video Training
at my new Members site…

Don’t wander an unfamiliar forest alone;
let me show you the way!”

Don’t wander an unfamiliar forest alone;
let me show you the way!”

It's All About Web Presence

Your Web Presence

Your WordPress Website

About Your WP Site…

WP is the #1 choice of professional internet marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses everywhere. That’s because the WP content management system, or CMS, is pretty much unbeatable for design flexibility, functionality and features. And since it is FREE to use, it is available to everyone, not just those successful pros.

Having a site built on WP means you have the ability to scale your site any time you need, design it to suit your needs, and have access to any feature or function you could possibly need. And WP is super search engine friendly.

What Kind Of WP Site Will You Build?

It depends on your business, your needs. And you CAN make a fantastic website, without the expense and hassle of hiring a designer. The Ultimate WP Workshop is designed entirely to show you how to build your site from scratch; so you can get the site you need!

Your WP Site Unleashed & Beyond…

Once your basic WP site comes to life, you’ll want to enhance it. One of the biggest reasons why WP is so popular is because you can make it look and function pretty much however you want it to.

When you join me you’ll get the VIP Extended WP Workshop to unleash your site’s full potential, with additional customization and plugin tutorials included in your New Member Suite to help you take your site to a whole new level. (The kind of site that generally costs $2000+)

What About The Rest Of  Your Online Presence?

Yes, you will need more than just a website to make your dreams of online success come true. So your Member Suite is also packed with video tutorials for Responsive & Mobile Responsive Design, how to set up your Social Media accounts and Email Marketing, and even exclusive, comprehensive Branding help if you need it!

Membership Helps You Build Your Web Presence

And once you have all of this in place, additional Membership levels will be available to advance your efforts. You’ll discover how to integrate a Shopify store with your site so you can sell your products, how to run your Social Networking and more. And you’ll also discover additional ways to monetize your site so you can increase your revenue. I’ll even be showing  you how to add Membership capabilities to your WP website. All of this valuable training will be waiting for you when you join me as a Member! Coming Soon~Reserve Your Spot Now

Discover How Easy It Really Can Be

You CAN Do It

“Join me & together, we will build you a website they will remember!”

“Join me & together, we will build you a website they will remember!”
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