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New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

With a rapidly growing arsenal of internet marketing tools at your disposal, it can be easy to miss a New IM and Content Marketing Tool that could be a major boost for your business. I get it, we all do; you have enough on your plate just managing your business day to day. This means it can be tough for small business owners to find the time to research new Internet Marketing options.

But when it comes to drawing attention (and traffic) to your business, filling those seats, or booking those rooms, you cannot afford to miss those “must see”, and most importantly competitive, and effective methods of getting that attention. After all, nothing can be more of a draw on your valuable time and energy than worrying that you aren’t getting enough customers, right?

Of course, its part of my job to always be on the lookout for great ways to help you advertise your business online. So, today I would like to share with you a pretty cool IM tool I am a big fan of, especially for service industry businesses. A fairly recent option for those with “happening” brick and mortar locations, and also a strong candidate for a position in evergreen internet, and content marketing in my humble opinion, the fabulously visual “Webcam Networks”.

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See- Webcam Networks 2What is a Webcam Network?

Great for businesses with a physical location where lots of entertaining activity takes place regularly, these networks are comprised of live, streaming webcam feeds piped directly from the businesses’ physical location to the network website. The webcam footage may also be embedded onto the businesses’ website or blog to enhance static company information, or even your landing page header!

Potential customers or clients from all over the world can watch the events taking place at your business location in real time, and get a taste of what is in store for them should they choose to become your customer, guest, or client. As you can imagine, this feature can be a real boost to your internet marketing campaign, and an incomparable feature for your website.

Equipment, Setup, and Features

Webcam equipment may vary from network to network, however many networks offer to provide the hardware (webcam, cables, etc.), and will perform on location setup of the system, or instruction if needed. If you are tech savvy you can often use your own equipment, and set it up yourself.

Depending on the equipment, and service level with the network, viewers may be able to use controls to pan around, zoom into the location for a better view; even have an audio feature available where they can actually hear what is going on at the location. The service may require a monthly or annual fee, but it is well worth the online coverage an active, thriving business can receive.

A good example of how effective and beneficial Webcam Networks can be is Rick’s Café in Jamaica. This trendy ocean side eatery features live music, and a festive setting that is bustling with enthusiastic patrons most days of the year. But the most prominent feature of this popular little island attraction is an amazing little cove just outside the restaurant with a stunning, 35 foot, natural cliff diving platform!

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See- Webcam Networks Rick’s Café utilizes the network, with webcams placed at advantageous locations outside, and one inside their restaurant/club. The outside cameras catch patrons diving off into the crystal blue ocean waters, and when the sun goes down the webcam located inside the cafe treats internet audiences to a view of the activity, and live Jamaican music entertainment inside.  Although Ricks’ Café has wisely implemented a full internet marketing strategy, their participation in the Webcam Network has undoubtedly significantly increased awareness of this little Caribbean gem.

Webcam Versatility

While every business may not boast such a stunning feature as Ricks’ Café, one should keep in mind that todays’ traveler prefers to be much more informed than ever before. They will utilize every online service available in order to better preview the amenities, facilities, and services available at their intended destinations beforehand, in an effort to make a more informed decision about the hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, and tourist attractions they will visit. This helps to avoid disappointment. They are also keen to share attractive possibilities with their friends and co-workers online. So don’t discount the power live webcam views of your establishment can have on your potential patrons who would like view your place live before they visit.

Live webcam networks do cost a bit, but it’s totally worth it for businesses with a lot of entertaining activities, or attractive facilities, amenities, and features, as it can attract a lot of attention online! In addition, your business will be perceived as a tech savvy, consumer friendly company, which is a big plus among today’s modern traveler and patron.

If your business fits the bill, it may very well pay to take a closer look at this New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See- Webcam Networks!

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

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