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Easiest Way to Create & Multiply Your Blog Content

Easiest Way to Create & Multiply Your Blog Content

Easiest Way to Create & Multiply Your Blog Content

Hey everybody, I’ve been so busy lately getting everything ready for the WP Workshop I realized I have neglected my blog!

So, I thought I would hop in here and talk about blogging this evening, because it’s such an important thing to pay attention to.

Yah, I know. Looks a bit hypocritical considering I’ve been neglecting my own. But for those of you who aren’t neglectful of your blog, more power to ya!

Seriously, because you should be posting regularly. Like, two or three times a week at least. And if you’re getting that done, I commend you. It can be really tough to do.

Now, obviously I completely understand falling behind on blogging. It’s hard to reserve time for writing up a 1900+ work post (that’s what you need to be doing) when your running this way and that. Family matters need your attention, you’ve got an online business to care for, or you are trying to start one anyway, and you’ve got so many things to knock out you need 3 of you working at the same time just to keep your head above water.

And of course, you’ve gotta sleep sometime! You can’t run on coffee 24/7 (she says while sipping on her 4th cup of the day).

I know, I give myself a hard time, I push myself a lot. It’s just the way I am. I have lots of blogs to keep up with, so, I may have made it a bit tough for myself. I enjoy it though. And of course, I’ve got those videos starting up soon…but I jump ahead too fast here. Let’s just move on, shall we?

So in this post I wanted to get you some help with your blogging. Something to take the load off your overworked brain. Something to make blogging faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

How can we do that? Well, as I just about got into above, I’m about to start this regimen myself so I’ll be teaching by example soon. For now, I’m just going to say one word: video. Yes…

Video is a lifesaver for Bloggers

And it is one of the best ways to engage your audience, keep them interested in your content, and share your message. Because video works so much better than words on a page could ever do.

Easiest Way to Create & Multiply Your Blog Content

Video makes blogging so much easier (in my opinion anyway). Because you can simply record your words and use them for voice overs over slides with text, images or footage. Depending on your niche, you might just want to shoot some awesome scenery or an event, and write up some commentary afterwords. Or you can just get up there in front of the camera and talk. I mean really talk to your audience.

I’m going to give you a lot of good examples very soon with my tutorial videos on YouTube. Well, I hope they are good anyway, because I’ve got lots to show you. Like how to build your free WP blog or site, or your own self hosted WP site or blog, along with a whole lot of other stuff that I hope will really help you out.

Sure, there’s still a place for the written word. I think there always will be. After all, you are reading this. I still read lots of posts myself. I quite enjoy reading. But just because you make videos for your posts (better known as “Vlogging”) doesn’t mean you can’t have written content for your website or blog posts too.

Video Transcriptions = Blog Text Content

Actually, you need that written content to attract search engines. It gets you organic search ranks like nothing else can (except maybe images). That’s why you should transcribe your videos not once, but twice.

You see, all you have to do is create your awesome video, then transcribe it and add that written content in your video description on YouTube. Then you take that transcription and re-write it once more. You add this written content to your site or blog in a post, including the embedded video so your audience can get the best of both worlds!

Fortunately, no matter how hard you try there will always be something you left out of your video. Something that comes up afterwards, some afterthoughts, some advice you would like to go back and give. Maybe an extra direction, a tip or two. That’s the content you save for your text post.

This way, even though your videos may be riveting, your audience will become accustomed to finding additional helpful tips, tricks, instruction or advice, even just some humor maybe, when they visit your blog. Something to bring them over to your site and keep them coming back.

That way, you’ll have your audience hooked on your site, as well as your YouTube channel! And they will be able to get all that useful information you have to offer; stuff that may get left out of videos by accident.

Boost Your SEO With Images In Your Blog Posts

Now, you’ll need a few images to go with your posts. Because images are extremely important. Not just for your readers, but for your SEO too. You can use images from, or something of the like. But you can also use snapshots of your video to accentuate your written words.

For instance, if you are making an instructional video on how to make the perfect cup of coffee, you could grab a few still frames from your video and make a static image step infographic, or even list them in order under each written phase of the task.

This way you also have images to alt tag for better search ranks. Those alt tags are still highly important to your organic traffic. I actually find that my images tend to wind up with Bing or Google Image search ranks long before my posts rank otherwise. Especially when it’s a physical product in my eCom stores.

Often, my images are right up on top because others neglect to alt tag their images! So that’s something you should definitely consider. Your competition may not be on their game and you could get a boost in traffic. Either way, use those alt tags.

Use Audio To Attract & Help Your Blog Visitors

Another way to multiply your content with video is to lift the audio and make it available for download, or just let your visitors play it from your site. Lots of people like to just listen to audio, while they are driving, jogging, maybe even cooking dinner.

And if you frequent forums you can take segments of your video transcription, re-write it again, and post that content to your forums.

All effective ways to make sure that you are providing alternative sources for your audience to consume your content. Make it as convenient for them as you can. They will appreciate you for it.

Multiply Your Blog Content With Simple Videos

This all makes it so much easier to keep up with your blogging. Because all you have to do is create one video, transcribe it once, re-write it once, throw in a few (quality) images, save a quick audio only file, and you get loads of content!

Make The Most Of Your Blog Content By Integrating With Other Platforms

I also have another great idea for you; ever heard of Medium? If not, it may be worth your while to check it out. You can easily syndicate your WP content to your account on this blogging platform via their plugin. Choose any page or post you like, don’t publish the ones you don’t want to post over on Medium. Very easy to work with.

It may not be the place for every niche, but for those with the type of content that plays well on Medium, I would highly recommend it. The crowd over there loves human interest stories, recent news, philosophical musings, even some ranting. A good place to talk about those problems you have solutions for.

And they have this cool “clap” system over there where people click the little hands to give your content a clap of encouragement. It works similar to “likes” on other platforms. Very innovative. Hope to see this platform go forward in even more interesting ways, because it seems to be quite popular. In touch with social and cultural interests. A great place for everyone to talk about various topics, expound and theorize. I love it.

And there are bound to be lots of other platforms like this popping up all over. It’s totally worth a Google search to go see if you can find another space to spread your content online. Medium currently has some 60Million+ users, according to their site. Others may not have so many, but getting on board with an up and coming platform can have big benefits in the long run too.

Video Helps You Get Great Content For Social Networking

Did I mention you can use snippets from your video transcriptions on Pinterest, Facebook, even a short snippet for Twitter? How about uploading small parts of your video to these social channels? Hopefully you get my point; just a few quick re-writes and a little video editing and you’ll have loads of content to go around!

Do Quality Content Checks

Don’t be to quick to publish your written content; be sure to use your spell checker first. It’s quick and easy to do and it keeps you from making those unnecessary mistakes that might turn your readers off. Also make sure your audio is clear, so your listeners can understand it. Make sure your video is neat and clearly visible. Your post images should be clearly visible as well.

Use Your Video For Extra Cash

And don’t forget, once you get 10,000 views on your YouTube channel you can monetize it with the YouTube Partner Program for extra cash. Some call it “mailbox” money. That nice little “bonus” for your efforts can turn into big money if your channel really takes off!

Now, as I am wrapping up here, I have something for my beginner bloggers that will help you to further your blogging efforts. It’s a helpful little eBook called “Blogging Advice For Beginners”.


I got my hands on it just for you, and this Blogging Advice For Beginners is something you should definitely check out!

And, if you are already blogging and want to make it profitable, you may like this as well; check into the “High Profit Blog Secrets”  eBook for FREE.

Okay, so that’s it for now. I hope you got some useful information out of this post.

If you are a beginner blogger I recommend you get off to a flamboyant start using the video method I’ve been explaining here. Check out that eBook and apply the information you learn.

If you are already blogging but need more content, there you go, that’s how you can get loads more.

And if you are already a successful blogger, perhaps you would like to leave a few words of advice for everyone in the comments below. I always promote the open sharing of helpful information whenever possible, and I thank you on behalf of myself and my readers for your thoughts.

Before I go, I’d like to point out that winter is coming quickly. People will be staying indoors more, flooding online to consume all kinds of content. It’s a great time to get a jump on your blog traffic…

So, until next time, happy blogging everyone!

Easiest Way to Create & Multiply Your Blog Content

Why You Need an Online Presence & What Can It Can Do For Your Business

Why You Need an Online Presence & What Can It Can Do For Your Business

Why You Need an Online Presence & What Can It Can Do For Your Business

If you have a business of any kind these days, it pays to have an Online Presence. What is this? Well, I’m not going to get too involved here in this post. I just want you to have a good idea of what you need to have in place to make your online business more complete.

But first, you may have heard the term “Web Presence” as well. So let’s briefly take a look at that, because it is part of your Online Presence. Basically a “Web Presence” is generally considered to be your website or blog, the pages and files on your site, and the elements that make it complete.

An Online Presence, also known as an “Internet Presence”, is everything and everywhere someone may find information about you, your business, or your company on the net. You see, you need much more than just your website or blog to be successful online these days. However, we are just going to focus on…

4 Key Elements Of Your Internet Presence

There are four main elements of your Online Presence that you should have in place, at least initially, if you want to be successful online. Of course, there are more than I will list here, but these are the ones most any business should attend to.

Now, your website and/or blog is generally top priority in most cases. That’s because your site is your home on the web, so to speak, where your audience and visitors can experience your message, your Brand, what you have to offer, and how you do business. Of course, there are plenty of businesses that do just fine without a website, relying instead on the other elements on this list. But chances are you’ll do better with a website involved.

Most of the information on here my site is about your website or blog, so I won’t spend too much time on this element. Not that it’s not vital to most businesses, but because I want you to understand just how much these next 3 elements matter, and what they can do for your business.

Why You Need an Online Presence & What Can It Can Do For Your Business

Social Networking

Consumers spend more and more time on Social sites every year. Facebook just reached 2 Billion monthly users (according to experts like techcrunch).  Meanwhile, Instagram has a whopping 700 Million users (from  And while it mainly consists of female users, Pinterest has 150 Million monthly users, with 70 Million users in the US alone (according to

And they are not just talking to their friends; they are buying items just like yours directly from their Social hangouts. Social Networking is your big opportunity to expand your online reach by extraordinary leaps and bounds, especially when you use it properly.

One of the best ways to do that, is to sell your products from an eStore that allows you to put your actual products up for sale, complete with a buy button, shopping cart and secure checkout, right on your Social channels. That’s why I recommend integrating a Shopify store with your WP website. And I am not the only one by far; social channels are simply booming, so it’s a place where your business should definitely have a presence.

Email Marketing

The money is in the list, so they have said for years. And today is no different. That list is just your email list, instead of a call list or postal mailing list. Top marketers recommend email lists, because they get results, perhaps even more so than Social Networking. 64% of companies rate email marketing as their most effective marketing channel (from

Among other benefits, you can keep customers and clients up to date on your business, products and services. You can also upsell your subscribers on other items or services they may like.

And while email lists are great for keeping in touch with your loyal customers, it’s also a great way to attract new people into your business. This allows you to increase your customer base by engaging new potential customers via email, and gives you a chance to encourage them to become paying customers.

Some great ways to encourage people to opt-in to your list is by offering a free, relevant digital download, like an eBook, or a music track. Perhaps you can write a small eBooklet on the ingredients you use in your handmade candles, or share your secrets on how to clear a sink drain. You can get as creative with this as you want. The more relevant, targeted and better your offer, the better you are likely to do.

It’s not a new concept. No different than those free laundry detergent packets you get in the mail. Or those free steak seasoning samples – hey, I just got one of those last week and it tasted great! Hopefully you get the point; when people find value in your free offering, they are more likely to opt-in, giving you a chance to reach out to them with information and offers in the future.

I am certainly going to buy a bottle of that seasoning the next time I go shopping!

So stick with what works. Because there is no sense in re-inventing the wheel. Basically, it pays to have an effective email marketing strategy, and build an email list.


I don’t know if this is top priority on other peoples’ lists for Online Presence, but I highly recommend it in my top 4. YouTube has a massive 1.5 Billion users logging in to watch videos each month (from That is a lot of eyeballs to attract.

Think about it; just a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of 1/100,000th of this would be amazing for your business. Yes, this internet giant, owned by Google, is becoming a monster of a place to make your business presence known.

Even better yet, a lot of these users have recently canned their expensive cable tv in recent years for more affordable, user generated entertainment. So doing “home videos” that are relevant to your niche could have a nice impact on your bottom line.

An example; I know a nice lady that lives less than 10 miles from me making $3000+ per month selling crochet patterns online, and she got a big boost to her traffic by simply doing video tutorials on how to use her patterns on YouTube.

And since users are used to seeing advertisements on tv, they tend to watch them on YouTube too. So YouTube ads are a good way to get your message out there.

You can even ask your customers to do an unboxing and review your product on YouTube if you like. I know several business owners who had customers just do this without them even asking. And that is just one way to gain some much appreciated YouTube viewer interest.

I even know a 12 year old making some pretty good change from his screen recorded gaming! So anything someone may find interesting can get you YouTube “mailbox money” if you monetize your channel, and draw attention to your Brand.

It’s over already? Yes, I know, a short post for me here. I do tend to be a bit “long winded” most of the time. So perhaps this will be refreshingly short post then? I honestly just like to make sure I have as much helpful information as possible for you on my blog.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and got a lot out of it. It should give you some good ideas about how you can better market your business online. Just remember, your customers are out there, and the more of an Online Presence you have, the better chance you have of increasing your traffic, and ultimately your sales!

Why You Need an Online Presence & What Can It Can Do For Your Business

6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs A Website

6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs A Website

6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs A Website

In this new digital age, having a website is a must. In this post, we’ll cover 6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs A Website. The benefits are there; from physical businesses such as plumbers, dog groomers, restaurants and hair salons, to entirely online businesses selling digital and physical goods. Most any business can gain valuable traffic, sales and leads from having a website online.

Increase Foot Traffic To Your Physical Business With A WebsiteIncrease Foot Traffic To Your Physical Business With A Website

Did you know that physical businesses can even drive more traffic right to their door with a website? Think of it as the digital version of a window display, or those glass encased showrooms for cars. People walk or drive by, and their attention is grabbed by your display; if you have something they are looking for, they are more likely to stop by and take a look.

Well, your website is no different. It’s just online instead of in your retail store window, but the way to attract attention is still basically the same. And so is the strategy. Make sure your webpages display your prominent products or services clearly, and in an attractive way that will get attention…you know the drill.

This may actually be the easiest way to attract attention online, because of Social Networking. People in the city tend to gravitate to and join local groups, and view their friends’ posts in Facebook. So getting your website out there with Social Networking can be a great way to spread the word about your local business and start seeing more customers walk through your door.

Your Competition Is Selling From Their WebsitesYour Competition Is Selling From Their Websites Online, You Should Be Too

If you don’t have a website for your business, whether you have a retail store, physical business, or you are selling your hand-knitted caps, you can bet some of your competition is. They are successfully selling products and services just like yours to people who are eager to buy every day, and your slice of that pie is waiting for you online too!

Oh yes, people sell hand-knitted caps, candles, wedding supplies, t-shirts, dog coats, and endless variety of products every single day, 365 days a year. If you have it, odds are someone out there is looking to buy it – probably more than just one somebody. Don’t let your competitors steal all the sales right out from under your nose.

It’s Where Your Customers ShopIt’s Where Your Customers Shop

Regardless of your industry, niche, product or service, your customers are shopping online, or looking for information about the things they want to buy there. Products and services just like yours. You always want to be where your customers are. Years ago, that was the best spot on the busiest street in town. Now that spot is online. So if you are still sitting in your high rent shop in the mall noticing a steady decrease in foot traffic, that is probably a big part of the reason why. Perhaps it is time to go where your customers are.

Online Sales Just Keep On ClimbingOnline Sales Just Keep On Climbing

Just a few years back, online sales overtook retail store sales for Christmas. Ever since then, online sales keep going up and up…and experts say this trend is only going to continue. And I don’t have to quote this, just take a look at what any expert online is saying.

This is mostly due to advances in technology; faster internet speeds have led to faster, better devices, especially mobile. And humans being what they are, which is to say, very social beings, they love to go online and communicate anytime they want with their friends. This gives you a chance to get shared for more visage of your brand, your business, products and services on the web!

In addition, consumers have also become more informed than ever before about the products they buy and the services they choose. Because all that information is now online at the touch of their fingertips. They have grown accustomed to being able to hop on their iPhone and instantly compare prices, or search for a local store or business to suit their needs with just a few taps on their mobile device screen.

Be sure they find your products or services next time they take to their mobile device…like just now.

Selling Online Costs Less Selling Online Costs Less On Average Than Sales At A Physical Location

Advertising costs not withstanding, selling online is far more cost effective than selling from a physical location.


Well, first of all, you don’t need sales people, or at least not as many, because your website does that for you. And with less employees come less workmens’ comp costs, fewer insurance dollars spent, less electricity and so on. Just think of what decreasing your sales staff by 50% or more, while still selling as much of your product as you do now, would do for your bottom line. And what if your sales increased by going online? It’s entirely possible.

Also, these days there is a good chance that your product supplier may dropship your product straight to your customers’ door for you. This means you may never have to pay for your product up front, or even lay a hand on it anymore. All you do is take orders on your site, and have your supplier ship for you. So how about decreasing your warehouse and stocking staff by 50% or more? Consider if you are still selling as much product as you do now, only online; what would that do for your revenue?

Either way, there have been lots of physical retail stores switch entirely to selling their products online in recent years, saving them all those costs associated with brick and mortar stores. They traded their physical retail stores for websites. And this removed the stress of all those employees, business insurance, space rent, electricity etc. completely from the equation. Meanwhile, operating a website is nowhere near as costly as a physical store. Just think about it; cutting down on your staffing significantly alone will save you a pretty penny.

And saving money, is the same as making money. Or at least the next best thing to it.

You Can Sell Globally Instead Of Just LocallyYou Can Sell Globally Instead Of Just Locally

If you sell products that can be shipped, or services that can be delivered digitally, then you could be selling to a global audience rather than just a local one. People all over the world buy products and services just like the ones you offer. Maybe yours are even better. Either way, what would a boost in sales from all around the world do for your business, your lifestyle?

A website is your opportunity to advertise and attract customers worldwide, don’t miss out.

There are lots of other reasons Why You Should Have A Website For Your Business, but really, do you need more? If you have any other reasons that you feel should be added to this list, by all means, please leave a comment and share your opinion with others.

Until next time…look into getting your website online and get out there for the world to see. If you need help with that…

Ultimate WP Workshop @

6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs A Website

Content Marketing Importance & Ethics

Content Marketing Importance & Ethics

Content Marketing Importance & Ethics

Just after New Years’ early this past spring I did a post over on my WordPress blog about Content Marketing. And as the year moves on, unsurprisingly, Content Marketing is just getting to be more and more of a discussion for online businesses everywhere. And something that is considered by pretty much every expert internet marketer in the world to be an essential part of any modern business marketing strategy.

Of course, content has always been important, even before the internet came along. But in the online world, what we call “Content Marketing” has been on the rise for the past few years. And it’s been getting a massive amount of attention for a good reason.

It’s not just that Google has changed its algorithms, and it’s not just because Content Marketing is free (for the most part). There are literally tons of reasons why it’s a big deal, and organic traffic doesn’t cover it all by far.

Why Content Marketing?

There is the fact that consumers have become “banner blind”, tired of seeing ads so they just click them off, hit the backspace button, or flat out ignore them. And then there is the opportunity to attract visitors into joining your valuable mailing lists by enticing them with free downloadable goodies that add value, and you can create tons of content around. There are all kinds of places on the web where you can post your content for backlinks (which ARE still highly important to your traffic when the links are of high quality). And regularly networking with your social media followers about your content is a great way to get attention too.

But for ethical businesses who really want to help their audiences, visitors, customers and clients, there is a reason that overshadows all of this. For one thing, Content Marketing gives you the chance to create value beyond just what you sell. It also gives you the opportunity to reach out and help others in a conversational way that makes connections that are important everyone; connections that last. It gives you the opportunity to be REAL, with REAL people who appreciate it. And it gives you a chance to make a difference all of the time, not just when you are coaching a client, or someone buys your product or takes your training course.

Plus, the words you place online are there every minute of the day and night for others to see. The value is always there as well, right where you left it for everyone to find and benefit from.

Someone can visit your site or blog, read your post or watch your Youtube video at 1am on Christmas Eve if they want. They don’t have to buy something from you or schedule an appointment with you to get that value. And all of this makes content so much more important that it has ever been, perhaps, in a world where consumers are more readily informed than ever before.

Yes, Content Marketing will make you an authority in your niche or particular business field if you do it right. And for those who take that job seriously, it’s priceless in more ways than one.

Content Marketing Importance and EthicsContent Marketing, Trust & Responsibility

Just remember, with authority comes the “R” word: RESPONSIBILITY. Because when you are an authority you are (or should be anyway) responsible for providing the most accurate, beneficial information, training, and help you can offer. Do the very best you can do, only that which you can be proud of.

Do that, and your followers, audience, customers and clients will trust you. Trust you to deliver on your promises, trust you to give them only the best you can give, regardless of what it is. And sure, if you do it right you’ll make money. But someday far down the road, you will be able to look back, and feel a sense of accomplishment that you have done something that truly contributed to the lives of others, in whatever way you specifically can. No matter how small or large.

Maybe you just showed people how to relax for 10 minutes a day. Maybe you pointed them towards a great web host and saved them money on quality services. Maybe you helped them learn how to cook a healthy meal on a budget, or a gourmet meal for a memorable family gathering. Maybe you showed brides how to shop for their cherished wedding gown, or taught someone to crochet a baby blanket for their first grandchild. The point is you helped people, and that means something. Something very special, especially to those people you were able to help.

And you can do all of this through content. Quality content that will also attract traffic to your offers, so you can help more people with more quality content. Even sell them on your products that will just add more value to what you have to say.

Or maybe you’ll just sell them that thing they so desperately desire or need right now. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s what they needed, what they wanted. The thing that solved their problem or fulfilled their expectations and performed as advertised. And you brought it to them, you helped solve the problem, or helped them find that thing they were after.

Give Only Your Best

Think about it this way, if you have kids you do whatever you can to make them happy, right? You want to give them the best; the best emotional support, the best care, the best education, the best guidance and direction…even the best Christmas presents.

While guidance, direction, support, education, and care are definitely serious necessities for children, those Christmas presents are just frills. After all, if you are providing the important things, your kids probably don’t care about awesome Christmas presents as much. They would love you even if you had a lean Christmas. Even if all they got was a candy cane.

So why do we do these things, why try so hard for our kids? Because we care about them.

Well, it should be the same for our customers and clients, even our audience and visitors. After all, they are the ones that make that wonderful life you want to give your kids possible. They are the ones footing the bill. And therefore, they mean that life for your and your family. Don’t they deserve that same level of care, that same loyalty respectively?

You bet they do. Because they basically make your life possible.

And again, responsibility. I know it’s not widely associated with business these days. With all the false promises, products that prove to be nothing like what was promised, customer support that you’re better off without, and stuff that doesn’t stand up to the overinflated hype surrounding it, it’s as if businesses don’t appreciate their customers any more. And consumers feel that. Boy, do they feel it. So much so that they find it hard to trust anyone anymore.

When you are an influence to others, you have the responsibility to influence honestly and wisely, and in the best interest of those people you influence. You should take the trust they instill in you seriously, and not lead them astray. Or at least that’s how it should be.

And it’s not that hard. When you do things for the right reasons it just comes naturally.

It’s a two-way street; you take care of them, and they will take care of you. Appreciate them, and they will appreciate you for it. Everyone is happy.

Okay, sure, you can’t make everyone happy all the time. I’ve covered this before somewhere here on the site. There will be times when a customer just cannot be made happy. Things that are out of your control will go wrong. That’s just to be expected. But when you strive to live up to your promises, take the responsibility to be honest and ethical about your business, be honest about those things that do go wrong and do your best to fix it, those times will be few and far between.

And your best opportunity to lower the chances of mishaps or hard feelings right from the start is good communication. That content you use to inform, educate, and add value. On your website, in your product listings, social networking, freebies, your email marketing; it doesn’t matter.

Communicate well, provide value, and do what you say you’re going to do.

So you see, that content is very important; to you, your business, and your audience.  And in all honesty, it always will be. Because effective, honest communication makes strong connections and relationships that last.

By now I’m sure you get the point.  But I just cannot stress the importance of all of this enough.

Regardless, we’ll move on, because want to give you the shortened, condensed version of my Content Marketing Express Checklist. This is the basic foundation for a good Content Marketing Strategy that most any business needs. I know it will help you out a lot if you are just getting started with your business online, or if you have neglected your Content Marketing. So here we go…

Content Marketing Checklist

  • Set Your Goals
    • Traffic – Set clear, reasonable goals for your traffic volume. Assess your traffic regularly so you can adjust your Content Marketing Strategy accordingly.
    • Sales – Set clear, reasonable goals for your sales. Start with the goal of getting or increasing sales by an achievable amount. Assess on a regular basis and adjust your Content Marketing Strategy as needed.
    • Search – Go for as much search traffic (organic traffic) as you can get; after all, it is free.
    • Shares & Engagements –Your goal here is to get your content shared as much as possible; monitor your content for engagement and create more around content that you notice working best.
  • Understand How Google Indexes & Ranks Content
    • You don’t have to be a Google search expert, but you should be sure to have a good, basic understanding of how Google indexes, sorts & serves content.
    • Familiarize yourself with the current algorithms so you can produce content that has the best chances of ranking well, and working for you the hardest. Stay on top of what Google is looking for by using Google Keyword Planner, and watching the content your top-ranking competitors are serving up to their audiences across their web presences.
    • Most importantly, remember that Google demands “unique, conversational” content, so make sure you don’t have duplicate content, and create content that speaks to your audience like you would talk to them in person. Aim to connect with your audience, gain their trust, show them that you are an honest authority in your niche or industry by sharing accurate, relevant, important information with them. And when they are engaged, sharing, commenting etc. on your content, be sure to respond back with timely, professional, courteous, helpful, and most of all, grateful replies!
  • Logo & Specific Platform Imagery & Graphics
    • Make sure that you have all imagery and graphics required for each marketing platform ready.
    • You will need a well-designed, professional logo; one that accurately represents your business, and will give your visitors, customers and clients a memorable impression of your business. Your logo should be clear, uncluttered, easy to see and read.  (If you need a logo, be sure to check Video Graphics Edge collection of logo PSD Templates you can download instantly, and use to create a professional looking logo in just minutes!)
    • Be sure to maintain congruity throughout all branding materials and across all platforms; anywhere your audience and customers encounter your brand so that your brand is quickly and easily identified.
  • Website/Blog Tagline
    • Have a short, effective tagline, or slogan, that clearly communicates your company’s message.
  • Basic Information About Your Company
    • Make sure you have all your basic company information included on your website or blog.
    • Basic company information includes:
      • Physical Address
      • Phone #
      • Contact Info; Email Address, Phone # etc.
      • Web Address
      • Other Company Contact Info; Social Media, etc.
      • Hours of Operation
      • Policies, Terms of Service, Disclosures, Guarantee/Warranty Info, etc.
      • Privacy Policy (Required by law if you collect any info from visitors.)
      • Payment Processing & Security & Site Security Features (SSL, other)
      • Team Info
    • Make sure your NAPS are listed and accurate on top online directories (name, address, phone # -LinkedIn, Yellow pages etc.)
  • Organization
    • By now you are starting to get a lot of information, research and imagery collected, and you need to organize it to ensure that it is safely stored and easy to find.
    • Make backups/copies of all of these valuable materials so you won’t lose them and have to start all over again if something goes wrong.

Social Media Setup

Determine the Social Networks that best support your niche or industry..

  • Facebook – Great for any business, Facebook is a wonderful way to spread the word about your business, and can even be monetized with eCommerce solutions like Shopify so your customers can buy your products directly off Facebook. Perform proper setup with a Fanpage, join groups and post regularly-but watch for specific group rules & regs so you don’t get into trouble. For Facebook training, be sure to review the FB training materials they provide for free.
  • Twitter – A great Social platform for most businesses. Set it up and Tweet regularly. Make the most of your words here, Tweets allow few characters. Include images and/or videos with your Tweets whenever possible, shorten your urls, and don’t forget to use hashtags (#). *Another Social Network you can sell products from Shopify on!
  • Pinterest – This platform is one that may or may not work for all businesses, depending on your niche. Pinterest still attracts a predominantly female demographic, and is highly visual in nature.  Surround your business, product or service pins with niche or industry relevant pins from all over the internet.
  • Instagram – Instagram is great if you have a lot of visual content and video to work with, and caters to 20 somethings and younger demographics so it may not work to the best advantage for every business. *You must use a mobile devise to set up and use Instagram.
  • Google+ –Share content, images, video, recommended links, etc.
  • Automate your Social Networking to make the most of your efforts in less time with a Social Automation Tool like Mass Planner.
  • Note: Always use Social Media Best Practices.

Your Website and/or Blog

  • Content for Static Pages
    • Static pages of your website may include pages such as home/landing page, services, products, terms of service, guarantee, subscription, about page, etc. Be sure to have the required content for all of these pages. Don’t forget that privacy policy if you collect any information (email, name ect.) from your visitors, & an advertising disclosure if you’re displaying affiliate or 3rd party links! This is required by law.
  • Blogs & Posts/Articles
    • A blog should be part of your content marketing strategy.
    • Set yourself a schedule for writing articles/posts for your blog regularly.
    • Be sure to included sufficient visual imagery throughout the content of your posts.
    • In each post, include at least 1 text or anchor link to another relevant area of your website.
    • Make sure to “Drip Feed” your content.
  • SSL
    • SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”; it essentially creates an encrypted connection between the user’s web browser and the server, so that all information transferred between the two stays safe, private, and secure. Make sure to have an SSL installed on your website or blog – sites with this security feature are now preferred in Google search over those without!
  • Mobile Responsive
    • Your website/blog must display well on all devices!
    • Test your site on Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool, or me
    • WordPress makes it easy to have a mobile responsive site, especially with WP Bakery Page Builder Plugin. Most eCommerce solutions like Shopify (which I highly recommend as an eCommerce solution) and the like are already mobile responsive or offer apps to make your store responsive. Be sure to use these tools, test your site and make sure it looks good on all devices. Make adjustments if it doesn’t display well. (If you would like to learn how to make your pages mobile responsive with VC Composer, or create a Shopify store, Join Me in the new Web Genesis Nation Membership Suite here on my site. You can get an email invitation here and I’ll reach out to you when the Members Suite goes live!)
  • Email Marketing
    • Get an effective autoresponder, like GetResponse to build an email marketing list.
    • Set up newsletters, don’t pitch products too often, give value!
  • YouTube
    • YouTube could very well turn into a major source of traffic to your site…and it’s free! Your videos can even be monetized –just don’t try to monetize anything that may be considered controversial or offensive.
    • Observe Youtube best practices for posting videos as well as metadata for the views possible.
  • Video
    • If you prefer not to get involved with YouTube, you still have the option of creating awesome videos and loading them to video hosting platforms like Amazon S3, or Vimeo, and then embedding them in your site for all to see!
    • Be aware of the top video types; Explainer & real footage type videos.
    • Use software like Explaindio Video Creator to create eye-catching explainer videos, and other marketing video.

So that’s the basics for a good foundation in Content Marketing. You should set all applicable elements above up and attend to them regularly. Of course, there is a lot more to it. If you want more information about Content Marketing I that for you too; you can get comprehensive Content Marketing information in my Content Marketing Crash Course eBook here>>
Content Marketing Crash Course eBook

I’ll be posting more great information as time permits. Remember, I’m focusing my efforts over at Video Graphics Edge, setting up to provide affordable, quality graphics for your video and video marketing projects. And there are also static graphics for your Branding, website, blog and more, so be sure to join me over there too!

I hope you found this post helpful and informative. And I hope it helps you come away with a better understanding of Content Marketing Importance & Ethics. I’ll have new information for you at least weekly, so be sure to join me for my newsletter, and visit the blog again soon!

Content Marketing Importance & Ethics

Catch Up On Your NAPS

Catch Up On Your NAPS

Catch Up On Your NAPS

Here is a quick tip to help small businesses get better coverage online. As you may know, I’m not talking about sleep. I’m talking about your name, address and phone number on the top ranked directories online; also known as NAPS. These directories generally offer basic listings for free, and those free listings can have a big impact on your visibility online, so make sure and Catch Up On Your NAPS!

These days people tend to go looking for what they want or need on the web, even when it comes to local services or products. Mobile devices have made it far easier to grab this information fast, right at their fingertips, rather than going for the phone book. Hence, having your NAPS accurately listed within online directories is just as critical today as having a business listing in local phone books used to be.

Getting this information in place and/or up to date is a good way to start off every new year, but anytime is a good time. You don’t want outdated phone numbers or information in there. Make sure you are checking your information, making sure that everything is up to date and accurate on those directories. You can also pick up some directories that perhaps you may have missed initially. And since things change fast online it’s always a good idea to do a quick search and see if new high authority directories are available.

The top ranked directories get a lot of love from search engines due to their popularity and the high volumes of traffic they receive. These are high domain authority sites that command top search ranks, so your information is likely to show up in a search via one of these directory listings before your website does. And even if your site does have top search ranks, it never hurts to cover another slot under a well-known, trusted directory listing for your keywords.

Simply put, NAPS on these directories can help your customers find you and/or contact you more easily. The information you include helps to inform them of what your business has to offer.

The following are some top directories to make sure to cover:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yext
  • Manta
  • Linkedin

You should make sure to have a presence on all of the top ranked directories. In addition, you may also find that there are popular industry or niche specific directories available to you to list with. While these may not pack as much punch as Yelp or Google, any chance you have to get your local service listing or business listing out there for everyone to see, and give your business the more power to get searched – take it!

Any business with a physical location will benefit from having this information included in high ranking directories. Restaurants, hair salons, plumbing companies, book stores, mechanics shops, coffee shops, even thrift stores. You name it, that business should have up to date, accurate NAPS in online directories.

And of course, online businesses can get a boost by simply having this information out there too. You can list your website, email address and PO Box address and include images and information about your products or services to entice your visitors.

Make sure to include images whenever possible, such as images of your storefront, your team, maybe your top selling product or a new product you are offering. Other information is helpful too; for instance, restaurants can post their menus. You should list any services, certifications or awards you may have. If you can include videos you have available include those. Basically, any information that your customers may find helpful, or might influence them to try your business rather than your competitors should be listed whenever possible.

The type of information you can include and number of images you can have in a given directory may vary, so just include anything you can in each one.

If you find you are really behind on your NAPS and have a lot of updating to do, or if you are just starting out and need to set your listings up on these directories for the first time, set a schedule to set up or update one directory each day until you have them all completed and up to date.

Any time you change your address, get a new phone number or the like remember to make those changes to your directory listings. This will help encourage traffic to your website, or to your place of business!

Catch Up On Your NAPS



Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

Addicted to your landing pages or sales pages? Maybe you are thinking of using these pages to sell your products or services? Or perhaps you are working on your first sales page or funnel right now. If you are consumed with trying to create the perfect landing page, you’re out of luck…because there is no such thing. Not so far anyway.

There are however certain people who have put more time, more money, and far more consideration into carefully crafting their landing and sales pages than us dedicated, yet hobbyist landing page and funnel designers. And if you want your sales pages to really shine, they are the ones to pay attention to.

The Perfect Landing or Sales Page?

Admittedly no. These people do not have THE perfect landing or sales page. Since what works can vary from product to product, niche to niche, brand to brand, even season to season, and most importantly from one demographic to the other, the perfects sales page is likely never to happen. Especially with new technology driving us along at seemingly lightning speed; all those wildly attractive new elements, and styles to use. Let’s just face it, the way things are going we will all be doing video sales pages soon. Probably should be doing it now. And looking to figure out 3D, holograms, or something of the sort next. 

But the perfect sales page. Not a chance. No, but we can certainly strive to attain, and succeed in producing what the elite pros of online marketing achieve; landing pages and sales pages that convert like crazy. And that is our goal, right? So if you are interested in crafting stunning sales pages, sales funnels, and spellbinding landing pages, you go to the experts. And one of my all time favorites is Neil Patel. This man made his first fortune before the age most of us even finished college! I particularly like that he works hard to openly share his experience, information, techniques and knowledge with others.

And while we are talking landing pages, sales pages and funnels, I must also speak the name: Patric Chan. Both of these guys make millions of dollars a year, and they do it mostly by creating killer sales pages that convert like nobodies’ business. And better yet, with laid-back style (at least in Patric Chans case anyway), they frequently share some of their lucrative secrets with us!

So I thought I would call attention to all Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts out there, when I came across this awesome Landing Page infographic Neil Patel created. And he has made it insanely easy for us to share his recipe for success, so I figured “Why Not?” So I present to you the following informative and entertaining infographic: (Study well & enjoy!)

The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Landing & Sales Pages Made Simple

Easy right? C’mon, you can do it. If you follow my blog, you know that I am all about sharing essential information to help everyone succeed in their online goals. AND you know I don’t want you to get ripped off by those who would take advantage of you. And they are out there. So I hope you enjoyed Neils’ Landing Page Infographic here, and as always, I hope you will take the most important step: ACTION. Go implement some of this great stuff in your own Landing & Sales pages, save yourself some money, and be pleasantly surprised with the results!

If You Are A Landing Page & Sales Page Newbie

To make these landing and sales pages that work like they need to, experts like Neil recommend using the same WordPress Plugin I prefer. It comes with a sensational page builder, and outstanding Membership capabilities. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the guys who create some of the most valuable Landing and Sales pages in the world use the very same membership plugin I use. I already knew years ago it was the best sales page/landing page builder I’d come across.  It comes with great documentation, and loaded with options to make your membership sites, sales pages and funnels pop. It integrates with JVZoo and Clickbank beautifully. But that’s just cool! 

You can just Click Here to check it out.  (Yes, this is an affiliate link. However, I have no problem referring you to this life saver of a plugin, and I thank you for the coffee if you use the link.)

If you want to just go there and not share a bit of your well-spent money with me, I won’t hold it against you. Click Here instead. But if you are looking into this kind of WP functionality, please do check it out. It’s totally worth it, I promise you.

Okay, so that’s all I have for you for now. I truly hope you enjoyed the post, and learned something that will really help you out. And I guarantee Neils’ formula will do wonders for your Sales & Landing pages. Just use it and you’ll see.

Until next time, Learn, Explore, Enjoy,

And create beautifully valuable pages!


Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

With a rapidly growing arsenal of internet marketing tools at your disposal, it can be easy to miss a New IM and Content Marketing Tool that could be a major boost for your business. I get it, we all do; you have enough on your plate just managing your business day to day. This means it can be tough for small business owners to find the time to research new Internet Marketing options.

But when it comes to drawing attention (and traffic) to your business, filling those seats, or booking those rooms, you cannot afford to miss those “must see”, and most importantly competitive, and effective methods of getting that attention. After all, nothing can be more of a draw on your valuable time and energy than worrying that you aren’t getting enough customers, right?

Of course, its part of my job to always be on the lookout for great ways to help you advertise your business online. So, today I would like to share with you a pretty cool IM tool I am a big fan of, especially for service industry businesses. A fairly recent option for those with “happening” brick and mortar locations, and also a strong candidate for a position in evergreen internet, and content marketing in my humble opinion, the fabulously visual “Webcam Networks”.

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See- Webcam Networks 2What is a Webcam Network?

Great for businesses with a physical location where lots of entertaining activity takes place regularly, these networks are comprised of live, streaming webcam feeds piped directly from the businesses’ physical location to the network website. The webcam footage may also be embedded onto the businesses’ website or blog to enhance static company information, or even your landing page header!

Potential customers or clients from all over the world can watch the events taking place at your business location in real time, and get a taste of what is in store for them should they choose to become your customer, guest, or client. As you can imagine, this feature can be a real boost to your internet marketing campaign, and an incomparable feature for your website.

Equipment, Setup, and Features

Webcam equipment may vary from network to network, however many networks offer to provide the hardware (webcam, cables, etc.), and will perform on location setup of the system, or instruction if needed. If you are tech savvy you can often use your own equipment, and set it up yourself.

Depending on the equipment, and service level with the network, viewers may be able to use controls to pan around, zoom into the location for a better view; even have an audio feature available where they can actually hear what is going on at the location. The service may require a monthly or annual fee, but it is well worth the online coverage an active, thriving business can receive.

A good example of how effective and beneficial Webcam Networks can be is Rick’s Café in Jamaica. This trendy ocean side eatery features live music, and a festive setting that is bustling with enthusiastic patrons most days of the year. But the most prominent feature of this popular little island attraction is an amazing little cove just outside the restaurant with a stunning, 35 foot, natural cliff diving platform!

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See- Webcam Networks Rick’s Café utilizes the network, with webcams placed at advantageous locations outside, and one inside their restaurant/club. The outside cameras catch patrons diving off into the crystal blue ocean waters, and when the sun goes down the webcam located inside the cafe treats internet audiences to a view of the activity, and live Jamaican music entertainment inside.  Although Ricks’ Café has wisely implemented a full internet marketing strategy, their participation in the Webcam Network has undoubtedly significantly increased awareness of this little Caribbean gem.

Webcam Versatility

While every business may not boast such a stunning feature as Ricks’ Café, one should keep in mind that todays’ traveler prefers to be much more informed than ever before. They will utilize every online service available in order to better preview the amenities, facilities, and services available at their intended destinations beforehand, in an effort to make a more informed decision about the hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, and tourist attractions they will visit. This helps to avoid disappointment. They are also keen to share attractive possibilities with their friends and co-workers online. So don’t discount the power live webcam views of your establishment can have on your potential patrons who would like view your place live before they visit.

Live webcam networks do cost a bit, but it’s totally worth it for businesses with a lot of entertaining activities, or attractive facilities, amenities, and features, as it can attract a lot of attention online! In addition, your business will be perceived as a tech savvy, consumer friendly company, which is a big plus among today’s modern traveler and patron.

If your business fits the bill, it may very well pay to take a closer look at this New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See- Webcam Networks!

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

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