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Avoid Getting Scammed Trying To Make Money Online

Avoid Getting Scammed Trying To Make Money Online

,Avoid Getting Scammed Trying To Make Money Online

Gainfully working online since around 2003, I’ve seen just about every online scam there is to see. I’ll share a few critical tips with you here. Considering that COVID 19 is causing a massive interest in work from home jobs, my goal is to help you Avoid Getting Scammed Trying To Make Money Online.

I’ve spent a good deal of time checking out scam models and figuring out what makes them tick. Quite frankly I find it deplorable what these people do. I don’t like seeing people get ripped off. In fact, I hate seeing people get ripped off.

I’ve checked out a TON of “make money online” businesses and models and learned the in’s and out’s. So, I’m more than happy for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with you here today, and hopefully save you a lot of time and effort for nothing!

I recommend following a few simple rules. Guidelines really. Know to look out for these, and know locations to steer clear of, and you are far less likely to get scammed when trying to find work from home.

I’ll also give you a list of some legitimate places to look for online and remote work, and some legitimate work from home ideas and other suggestions for those of you who are geared towards starting your own business.

Avoiding The Most Common Scams

First of all, let’s talk about avoiding the most common scams you will come across; pretty much ANY ad or any “program” touting “Make Money Online”. These so called “programs” often ask for money up front, and they also tend to make crazy claims about certain amounts of money you can make with their program.

To be clear, there is a LOT of money to be made online. It CAN be done. But legitimate online income is rarely ever “easy” or “fast”. So, a good first thing to avoid is people who make….

Sensationalist Claims Of Income

A good example of this would be “Make $200 A Day” or, “Make $1400 per Month” with their program, or list or “business opportunity” etc. Sometimes they say they are offering a job, for example, emailing people. Basically, this is just the new, online version of the old “Make Money Mailing Envelopes” scam.

The beauty of it is that they are only asking for a few dollars so, most people desperate to make money will bite because they don’t realize what’s going on. Pretty much, you copy the very same script they used to get you hooked in. Then  you simply spam other people with it to get your own “sign ups”.

Avoid these types of “opportunities”, most ESPECIALLY when they are making claims about some dollar amount you can make, and claiming you can do it fast.

Pyramid Schemes

Then there are of course, the more legitimate, shady side of legal scams. My favorite here are pyramid scheme type businesses. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you can’t make money at these. Just be advised, these “programs” are generally just aimed at making the top tier leaders money. And getting free advertising for their pyramid scheme and products from an army of unsuspecting people who pay to get in, and very rarely ever make much back.

And don’t think these companies haven’t gotten hit by the authorities for this either; it’s happened. The trouble is, these companies have so much money, and with legitimate products to sell, they just find a way around the new regulations the authorities put in place, and continue business as usual.

Now, I’m not going to name names lol for obvious reasons. All I’ll say is there are a very specific set of characteristics to look for and avoid. Do so and you’ll easily avoid these semi-scams. Beware when they:

  1. Ask for you to purchase a certain amount of product every month in order to enroll or join the “business opportunity”.
  2. Tout these big vacation party type gatherings, generally in some exotic, tropical location, promising that if you sell enough product, you’ll get to go to the party too.
  3. Suggest that you start out by trying to sell your family and friends on said product, and if you can, to get them into the pyramid scheme too.
  4. Give you a “free website” when you join, where you are supposed to send your so called customers to buy product. (These are mass produced, cloned sites that will NEVER garner any search results because there are thousands of them just like it. Always remember; duplicate content is BAD!)
  5. The person who you contact with be your “coach” or “mentor” or something like that; basically, the person who’s enrolled you, to help you out. This is the person who will get a commission for the products you purchase in order to join. (Hence, pyramid scheme.) 

In the back end of these businesses, if ever you make it that far in your “training”, they will tell you as a “coach” or “mentor” of your sign ups to expect most people to pay for their product for around 6 – 9 months, and then drop off.

They call this “the life expectancy of a lead” or something similar, and the stats are that they will stick around for about 6-9 months because it’s just a fact that a lead will stay in on the average of that long before quitting because they aren’t making enough money to make it worthwhile. And the 9 months is how long you can, on average, expect to get commissions for the product your sign ups purchase from you.

The goal with pyramid schemes is use the “make your money back” plot, and the “free website” they give you, to entice you into using their product for as long as possible and get you to get your friends and family onboard as well. They know you will only stick around for “the life of the lead”, and that’s all they need to make tons of money off of you and your family and friends.

With new “leads” coming in all the time, the top earners know that their quota will be re-filled constantly.

Legitimate Make Money Online Opportunities

Legitimate Make Money Online Opportunities

Okay so, enough of the scary scam stuff! Now that you have a good idea of what not to get involved in, let’s talk about what does work! There are a lot of real, legitimate ways to make a living working from home. And a lot of them can be very rewarding. The key here is to have a service, information, entertainment or a product that will help others fix some problem, or fulfill some need that they have.


Yes, affiliates are a real thing, and they do make real money, and it is a legit way to make money. However, this one is what I would call risky business. Because when you come across the inevitable “training course” or someone claiming to set you up with an affiliate business, it’s generally a scam. You are likely to just waste a lot of time and effort.

I say generally because there certainly are some legitimate training courses out there. And good ones; I’ve taken them. They will help you to understand the affiliate business and get the basics of how to make money as an affiliate. (Although, since you pay for the course, and they know most people won’t ever make much from this type of business, it’s debatable whether or not this is a scam.)

But I digress; the thing is, to make money as an affiliate you must have an audience to put your links in front of; people have to see your links and click on them if you want to make money, and more importantly, they generally have to buy something. This means you need a following, a sizable one; preferably on multiple venues.

Successful affiliates have blogs with massive followings. They have mailing lists with thousands, if not tens of thousands of subscribers, and generally sizable social media followings as well. They have positioned themselves as an authority in their niche, and it can take years to accumulate those kinds of numbers.

Otherwise, you’ll just wind up spamming people with links, which will get you subsequently kicked off of a lot of online venues. And social media outlets are wise to this by now; they will quickly ban your account for spamming your affiliate links. An example, newbies get kicked out of Facebook for this all the time.

Again, being an affiliate is a legit way to make money online, but honestly, it takes years to cultivate a large enough audience to make any real income. It’s a lot of hard work, time and effort. And you’ll need TONS of fresh, original content as well. It’s certainly not an income that folds out quickly.

But, if you are interesting in becoming an affiliate, try the Amazon affiliate program. Try Commission Junction, and any other legitimate affiliate platform. Start yourself a blog, set up social media, get ready to create a ton, and I mean a TON of content. Join some legit programs, and get to cracking! It can be quite lucrative for those with the dedication and perseverance to succeed!


Yes, drop shipping is a legitimate business model as well. I won’t cover this in detail here because I have a post for you with a LOT of information on this here on my blog. For the purposes of this post I’ll just say that it’s legit alright, and it can be quite worthwhile. Just know that, just like being an affiliate it takes a lot of dedication, time and effort in most cases to get enough traffic to your products to make a decent living.

Work From Home Jobs

There are a good number of work from home and “remote” jobs that are actually a job; i.e. someone hires you, and pays you do work that you can do online, from home. However, with so many people looking for this kind of work, even before COVID 19 it was tough to find a spot.

I’m not saying you can’t find work from home; word has it that a lot more companies will be looking for people to work from home now. (And for the sake of our carbon footprint, along with issues like Corona Virus, I certainly hope so. Because I feel it would be a sad waste of technology not to do so.) But, again, TONS of people will be on the lookout for them too. So be ready for some steep competition when you go in search of an online job.

Be sure to only look for work at legitimate places where real jobs are posted like Flexjobs, and indeed. Companies like this are doing everything they can to spread the word about legitimate online jobs so, be sure to take a look if you are in the market for one!

The other obviously legit way to make money online is to offer a service or product yourself. Better known as a business, some people just aren’t geared towards this sort of thing. But if you have a genuine product or service to sell, you can do quite well online.


These are the quickest way to get started. Simply put, marketplaces offer the benefit of allowing you to list your products and/or services on their site. You can draw from their huge pools of customers and traffic to make money.

This way you don’t have to have your own website or blog with tons of traffic to sell your wares and services. Among other things, I do this. I have a number of shops on marketplaces like Etsy and others where I sell my digital art, among other things.

I also have training courses on places like Udemy. And it’s a great way to make money and help people at the same time, teaching something you know. I find it very fulfilling 😊

Your Own Business Online

By this I mean, driving traffic to your own website or blog. A place where your services, content or products are available for purchase. This includes affiliate income, as well as products and services you may have to offer.

I have lots of information about starting, maintaining and growing your own online business here on my blog. So I won’t go into detail in this post. Suffice to say, this is not the fast track to income online. However, I do believe it is the most stable way to go. In part, because you can set yourself up with…

Multiple Income Streams

Lastly, I want to talk about this topic. Why? Because having multiple sources of income makes your livelihood more stable. Put it this way; if you only have one website with one type of product, and anything goes wrong, you’re just sunk.

Yeah, it’s happened to me, way back. It happens to the best of us so, don’t feel bad if it’s happened to you. I had a nice little booming business going from a couple of my sites. Then, the “big boys” decided to mass market and sell similar products. All of my hard-earned traffic and income just fizzled over the course of a few months. I was forced to scramble for something else.

Ah, those were the days lol

Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend diversifying your income with multiple streams, essentially, multiple little businesses. Unrelated ones if at all possible; that makes things even more sturdy and reliable. Honestly, it’s much easier to get a few nice little businesses going that each make $1 or $2k a month.

It’s much harder to take one business and make your entire income. And again, it’s not as stable as say, 4 or 5 nice little $1k a month businesses. And again, if any one of those goes down, you can just start another to fill in the gap. This leaves you with the rest of your income stable 😉

My suggestion for a stable online income is to become, essentially, a Jack or Jill of all trades. Or at least 4 or 5, so you can delve a more stable income. And most people have more than few things they know well enough to make money from. So it’s a better bet than trying to take one single business through the roof.

I recommend something like a YouTube channel, a marketplace shop or two, a website with products. Start a blog where you promote affiliate links. And of course, the all important mailing list or two… or three lol … something like that. It’s certainly worked well for me!

Help, Support & Training For Your Online Income

Again, I have lots of tips and information about all of these here on my site. The information is free; all I want is for people to be able to enjoy making a living online and be happy!

Of course, you are always welcome to get in touch for a website or training if you like. I’m always available to help hard working people who are serious about working on their own online business. So if you need help with Branding or a logo, or want to learn how to create a blog or WordPress site, feel free to contact me.

But honestly lol I suggest looking up anything you need to learn on YouTube. You can pretty much self-learn anything you need these days for free. Just be sure it’s a credible source and you’ll be good to go!

I hope this information at least helps you How To Avoid Getting Scammed Trying To Make Money Online. Hopefully, you’ll find your own little niches and be successful. Working from home, making a living online can be wonderful. Lol a lot of hard work, dedication, self-discipline and such are necessary but, I find it very rewarding. It can be done, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors!

Avoid Getting Scammed Trying to Make Money Online

YouTube Best Practices For Small Businesses & YouTube Channels

YouTube Best Practices For Small Businesses & YouTube Channels

YouTube Best Practices For Small Businesses & YouTube Channels

YouTube can generate a lot of traffic for Small Businesses. But you have to follow some simple Best Practices and guidelines if you want to give your videos their best chance at success.

YouTube has changed a lot since its inception on Feb. 14th, 2005. It’s gone from a platform for one-hit video wonders, to a massive, ever increasing mega video monster.

You can find videos about pretty much any subject or topic you can dream of on YouTube. It’s become a main staple for entertainment all around the world.

You can pay-to-play videos on YouTube, which has become BIG entertainment for many people.

And because of the massive size of the YouTube audience, it’s become a top place to market products and services as well.

But despite this, businesses often find that their videos don’t generate the interest they hoped they would. Even when they pour large amounts of money into them, their videos just don’t get found, and get the likes and shares one would hope for.

And because they don’t garner any attention, their channels don’t gain subscribers like they had hoped for either.

This is a big problem, especially for Small Businesses with small video budgets. With the cost of having a video professionally created, a flop can have a major impact on your advertising dollar.

And yet, YouTube IS one of the best ways to gain attention for your Small Business. YouTube ads generate millions of dollars per year.

That’s not the only way to make money from your YouTube videos though…

It can also be a great way to pick up “mailbox” money, as some call it. Because if your channel is monetized, and you gain a large following, just having your subscribers and visitors watch your videos can make you money.

Money sent automatically to your PayPal account every month.

So how can you give your videos the best chances to get the attention, likes and shares that will help send traffic to your business?

Well, fortunately there are some important things you can do to help ensure success with your videos…and these things can be used by Small Businesses, as well as YouTubers.

It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your channel is. It doesn’t matter what type of videos you make. These will work to help get your videos found, get you more likes and shares, and get people to subscribe to your channel. And all of this will help grow your YouTube channel too.

I’ve noticed that there is a fairly even spread among YouTube channels in any niche missing out on the attention they could be getting, if they simply made a few easy to do adjustments to their videos.

So here they are…

3 Key Things Businesses Need For Success YouTube Videos

Pay attention to detail…

Your videos and content can be optimized for best results. Proper optimization will give them the best chance at getting higher search ranks than others. So you can have your videos show up above your competitors in Google search, as well as on YouTube.

➜ Your video description is very important.

When creating your own descriptions, don’t ignore those first words and just put links to social channels, your website, etc.

Make sure that you pay just as much attention to your description as you would your description for your blog post on your site.

And just like your On Page SEO for your site, you only get a few lines of text to get this done. 160 characters to be exact, so make them count.

Make sure that your video description is compelling, one that will grab attention. And add a good 2-3 paragraphs of content to describe your video below that, with your social links, website link etc. below that.

Don’t forget to copy and past your video title at the bottom of your description.

If you are stuck, do some quick research to see what’s working for others…

Do a quick Google search for videos in your niche. Pick the top results that aren’t ads and study the descriptions under video results. This will help you get a better idea of how you can craft your video description to rank in organic search.

And I have one more tip here for website owners; if you are transcribing your video and posting that transcription to your blog along with your video (and you should) you can use Yoast to help you with your description SEO.

Simply create one description for your video, then copy that and paste it into the very top of your video description.

Then just create a new description using Yoast for your blog post. Be sure to mix it up quite a bit so you have two great descriptions. One for your blog post and one for your video!

➜ Use Custom Video Thumbnails.

Did you know that you can change your video thumbnail and use a custom thumbnail?

Yes, you can create a custom thumbnail for your video and upload it instead of the default thumbnail to better portray what your video is all about at just a glance.

Because your viewers should be able to determine exactly what your video is about from the thumbnail alone. This should be evident without them having to look at the title or description.

So take advantage of this YouTube feature, get creative, and upload something eye-catching! Here’s how:

  1. Simply navigate to your creator studio on your YouTube channel.
  2. Select the video you want to add the thumbnail to and click “Edit”.
  3. Once inside the video editor you’ll see an option at the bottom that says “Upload Custom Thumbnail”.
  4. Simply click the button and upload your custom thumbnail. And you are done!

How To YouTube Custom Thumbnail

➜ Attention-Grabbing YouTube Video Titles

Your video titles are very important to the success of your video. Be sure to make your title enticing and interesting so they are curious about what’s in your video.

Do some research, go to Google and take a look at what your non-paid competition is doing. What do their titles look like?

Again, you can try using Yoast via your WP post editor to sculpt at good title too.

If you follow my posts you know I always like to include some extra value for you. This time I have a little something to help you create great titles for any purpose, even YouTube videos. So here’s a little bonus for you to download and use:

Don’t Just Post & Pray

Many businesses think that you can just create any old video, upload it to YouTube and people will come in droves to watch, like and share. The old “If you build it, they will come mindset.”


Just like posting anything, anywhere online, this theory just doesn’t hold water.

You need to stand out from the crowd. And aside from your video content, there are some simple ways to get that done.

➜ YouTube Paid Ads

Use the YouTube advertisement video option to boost your reach and views. You’ll do this using the YouTube Advertising feature.

You can also reach this feature by clicking on “Advertise” in the YouTube site footer, like you see in the image below.

Once you have a video uploaded to YouTube, you can use this feature to make it a YouTube ad…

Share Your Videos Yourself

Sharing your videos yourself will help boost your views. So once you upload your video, be sure to go share it around. This doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

Take a few minutes to share your video around; blogs, forums, Social, guest blog post, Medium etc.

Doing this doesn’t cost you a dime, but the word of mouth you can generate can sure help your video go further.

YouTube Is A Social Network Don’t Forget – YouTube Is A Social Network

Because it is seen as a video site, some miss the fact that YouTube is not just a video site.

Far from it. YouTube is the #2 search engine online. And you should also not forget that Google owns YouTube.

➜ Use YouTube Video Annotations

YouTube lets you add annotations and subscription requests to your videos.

Be sure to use this opportunity to put some kind of annotation in your video. And include a prompt to where they can easily subscribe to your channel. For this you can use arrows, or even inline ads.

YouTube Video Annotations & Social Recommendations


➜ Recommend Your Social Channels

Don’t forget to urge your viewers to visit your Social pages. You can add a feature to like your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus pages.

You can even place a link to your website or blog. So if visitors to your site is your goal, it never hurts to make it easy for your YouTube viewers to visit your site.

So there you have it; some simple practices you can start using right away to get your YouTube videos to rank better in organic search on Google, as well as on YouTube.

And since a lot of businesses and YouTube channels fail to utilize these tips and features, you might just stand a BIG chance of outranking some of your top competitors!

Of course, your videos themselves are important too. I’m not going to get into this in too much depth here, because this post is mainly about Optimizing your videos for best results.

Bonus – Tips For Successful YouTube Video Content

But we’ll touch on a few things that will help make your videos more enticing to your viewers once they decide to watch.

➜ Grab Their Attention Right From The Start

The first few seconds of your video is crucial to getting your viewers to stick around and watch your entire video. If the first few seconds of your video doesn’t catch their eye right away, they are likely to click away from your video.

Be sure to quickly state what the video is about and move right into the interesting stuff. Don’t waste time with commentary or logo reveals that will turn them off.

That’s not to say that an awesome logo reveal can’t be used, but it’s recommended that you keep these intros down to below 6 seconds.

Your viewers will want to jump right into your unique, informative, interesting content right away, so be sure to dive right in.

➜ YouTube Video Quality Is Essential

Make sure that your video displays well. It should be clear and easy to see, not fuzzy or pixelated.

Make sure that your sound is recorded for optimal audio; you don’t want a video that is too low to be heard, or so loud it blows their eardrums out at first.

➜ Your YouTube Video Content

All of this is for naught if your video is, well, boring. Or if it’s confusing or not well laid out.

Be sure that the information or ad copy in your video follows a sensible line of thought. That It makes sense and flows well from one topic or subject to the next.

You also need good quality imagery and/or footage. Don’t skimp on your imagery, because it’s what video is all about.

Whether you are giving instructions in a video tutorial, explaining the benefits of a product or service, or simply creating an ad, your video needs to have all these elements working together to be successful.

I’ll have some more information about creating YouTube videos for you in the future. Haven’t decided whether to put that here or over on Video Graphics Edge, but I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s ready.

Perhaps I’ll even get around to an Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial on How To Make A Simple YouTube video…

Anyway, I invite you to try these tips on your next YouTube video. You will be surprised at what they can do for your views, likes, shares and subscriptions to your channel.

Thanks for catching my post about YouTube Best Practices for Businesses! I’m glad you took the time to stop by.

Until next time…

All my best!

YouTube Best Practices For Small Businesses & YouTube Channels



Hello, Welcome To My Blog!

Hello, Welcome To My Blog!

Hello, welcome to my blog!

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I am getting ready to “spill the beans”, so to speak, on everything I know about building your website. In an effort to help you cover all the bases, I’ll also be helping you with related essentials like Content Marketing, and Creating An Attention Grabbing Brand. The information will be available in the form of digital training and video workshops. This is something I have been working very hard on for over a year now, and I am eager to share it all with you!

I plan to tell you everything, from the most effective and affordable way to create your very own eCommerce website, to every little technique, tip, trick, tool, and resource I have in my arsenal. My goal is to help all of the hard working, dedicated business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs I can through this wonderful thing we call the internet!  But more on that later.

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Hello, welcome to my blog!

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