Hello, Welcome To My Blog!

Hello, Welcome To My Blog!

Hello, Welcome To My Blog!

Hello, welcome to my blog!

I’m glad you stopped by the blog today, and I hope you are having a great week!

I am so excited to share the website and blog design related information I have for you. First, be sure to Join Me at the FREE WP Workshop where I’ll be showing you how to build a website!

For resources to help you with your online presence be sure to check out my DIY Webmaster Essential Resources Page Here. The page is an ever growing list of the best resources I recommend to help you build the website you need and deserve, and do it as quickly and cost effectively as possible. (I included links to FREE resources and tools to help you get there without spending a fortune; don’t worry, I guarantee you it can be done!)

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So What’s All The Excitement About?

After years of working with clients on their websites and blogs, I have shifted gears. I have transitioned to something a little more far reaching, and infinitely more beneficial for you. In fact, more so than I could ever have hoped to achieve with personal coaching and consulting services. (It will also be more affordable for you.)

I am getting ready to “spill the beans”, so to speak, on everything I know about building your website. In an effort to help you cover all the bases, I’ll also be helping you with related essentials like Content Marketing, and Creating An Attention Grabbing Brand. The information will be available in the form of digital training and video workshops. This is something I have been working very hard on for over a year now, and I am eager to share it all with you!

I plan to tell you everything, from the most effective and affordable way to create your very own eCommerce website, to every little technique, tip, trick, tool, and resource I have in my arsenal. My goal is to help all of the hard working, dedicated business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs I can through this wonderful thing we call the internet!  But more on that later.

Don’t forget to bookmark my site for easier access. And again, if you are interested in learning how to create your first website, or make your existing site better, you won’t want to miss the valuable training and information I will be making available to you at the FREE WP Workshop!

I hope to see you there,

Explore, Learn, & Enjoy!

– Tina Barnash

Digital Web Coach 

Hello, welcome to my blog!

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