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Building Authority & Trust The Right Way

Building Authority & Trust The Right Way

Building Authority & Trust The Right Way

Thanks for stopping by the blog; I have a nice little treat for you here today; Building Authority & Trust The Right Way. This an important topic I wanted to cover. Why? Because people buy from businesses and people that they trust. They want to know that you know your business, and that you are reputable.

To help demonstrate this topice, I’ve got a great infographic for you that describes the path to gaining the authority and trust of your online audience, customers and clients.

When you cannot speak to people in person, it makes it seemingly rather difficult to build a good repor. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to achieve, even on the internet. Sure there’s something to be said for charisma, and personality that your customers or clients may like, but when you take a look at the infographic I have for you here, you should begin to realize that it’s the peice of mind you can provide, the connection with you that they respect and trust the most. My point: you won’t build authority and trust if you don’t do these things offline, let alone online.

Anyway, I couldn’t say it better myself, so here you go:

Building Authority & Trust The Right Way

Building Authority & Trust The Right Way

Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

Addicted to your landing pages or sales pages? Maybe you are thinking of using these pages to sell your products or services? Or perhaps you are working on your first sales page or funnel right now. If you are consumed with trying to create the perfect landing page, you’re out of luck…because there is no such thing. Not so far anyway.

There are however certain people who have put more time, more money, and far more consideration into carefully crafting their landing and sales pages than us dedicated, yet hobbyist landing page and funnel designers. And if you want your sales pages to really shine, they are the ones to pay attention to.

The Perfect Landing or Sales Page?

Admittedly no. These people do not have THE perfect landing or sales page. Since what works can vary from product to product, niche to niche, brand to brand, even season to season, and most importantly from one demographic to the other, the perfects sales page is likely never to happen. Especially with new technology driving us along at seemingly lightning speed; all those wildly attractive new elements, and styles to use. Let’s just face it, the way things are going we will all be doing video sales pages soon. Probably should be doing it now. And looking to figure out 3D, holograms, or something of the sort next. 

But the perfect sales page. Not a chance. No, but we can certainly strive to attain, and succeed in producing what the elite pros of online marketing achieve; landing pages and sales pages that convert like crazy. And that is our goal, right? So if you are interested in crafting stunning sales pages, sales funnels, and spellbinding landing pages, you go to the experts. And one of my all time favorites is Neil Patel. This man made his first fortune before the age most of us even finished college! I particularly like that he works hard to openly share his experience, information, techniques and knowledge with others.

And while we are talking landing pages, sales pages and funnels, I must also speak the name: Patric Chan. Both of these guys make millions of dollars a year, and they do it mostly by creating killer sales pages that convert like nobodies’ business. And better yet, with laid-back style (at least in Patric Chans case anyway), they frequently share some of their lucrative secrets with us!

So I thought I would call attention to all Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts out there, when I came across this awesome Landing Page infographic Neil Patel created. And he has made it insanely easy for us to share his recipe for success, so I figured “Why Not?” So I present to you the following informative and entertaining infographic: (Study well & enjoy!)

The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Landing & Sales Pages Made Simple

Easy right? C’mon, you can do it. If you follow my blog, you know that I am all about sharing essential information to help everyone succeed in their online goals. AND you know I don’t want you to get ripped off by those who would take advantage of you. And they are out there. So I hope you enjoyed Neils’ Landing Page Infographic here, and as always, I hope you will take the most important step: ACTION. Go implement some of this great stuff in your own Landing & Sales pages, save yourself some money, and be pleasantly surprised with the results!

If You Are A Landing Page & Sales Page Newbie

To make these landing and sales pages that work like they need to, experts like Neil recommend using the same WordPress Plugin I prefer. It comes with a sensational page builder, and outstanding Membership capabilities. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the guys who create some of the most valuable Landing and Sales pages in the world use the very same membership plugin I use. I already knew years ago it was the best sales page/landing page builder I’d come across.  It comes with great documentation, and loaded with options to make your membership sites, sales pages and funnels pop. It integrates with JVZoo and Clickbank beautifully. But that’s just cool! 

You can just Click Here to check it out.  (Yes, this is an affiliate link. However, I have no problem referring you to this life saver of a plugin, and I thank you for the coffee if you use the link.)

If you want to just go there and not share a bit of your well-spent money with me, I won’t hold it against you. Click Here instead. But if you are looking into this kind of WP functionality, please do check it out. It’s totally worth it, I promise you.

Okay, so that’s all I have for you for now. I truly hope you enjoyed the post, and learned something that will really help you out. And I guarantee Neils’ formula will do wonders for your Sales & Landing pages. Just use it and you’ll see.

Until next time, Learn, Explore, Enjoy,

And create beautifully valuable pages!


Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

Adaptability and eCommerce – Be Water My Friend

Adaptability and eCommerce – Be Water My Friend

Adaptability and eCommerce – Be Water My Friend

A great man once said, “Be water my friend.” And when the legendary Bruce Lee shared his philosophy with the world during a television interview in 1971, he was referring to adaptability. To open-minded, focused thinking that allows one to insightfully shape themselves to better handle any situation, to succeed in whatever they do. In his characteristically exuberant, Zen-like manner, he explained:

“Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless. Like water. Now you put water into in a cup…it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow…or it can crash.” And with a crafty, knowing smile he finished; “Be water my friend.”

Highly adept at this much sought after, and cherished skill of flexibility, Bruce Lee’s unique, innovative philosophy, and varied martial arts styles made him controversial to some, and beloved to others. But his talent for being highly adaptable and open to any and every successful move possible gave him infiniate room to talk. One is hard pressed to find a better example of a person who could so successfully adapt to the fullest, than Bruce Lee. After all, the mans’ whole life was one adaptation after another, and he used this ability to the fullest, becoming one of those rare individuals with much to share with the world. And even rarer yet, he was always happy to do so.

The Philosophy of Flexibility.

While this philosophy is highly relevant to pretty much every aspect of life, I am particularly drawn to the concept of its relevance to the world of business; most especially when it comes to eCommerce.

While I strive to be as adaptable, and open minded as possible myself, I find that there is perhaps no better place to practice, and benefit from a talent for adaptability than when you make your living online. In fact, carving out your own niche, and making an income on the web demands that you adapt, and “flow” at all times in order to succeed.

I find that its’ exactly what Lee described when he spoke about water; you must be flexible. And coming to the conclusion that believing in only one way, one particular style, that is written in stone and must be observed at all times is the surest way to fail, he forever changed the world of martial arts by adopting all of the styles one can; or more overly, any style that proved to be successful.

Adaptability, Flexibility Wins Throughout History

There are many well known examples of this concept being successfully applied to business, even before there was an internet. Go all the way back to the legendary companies that formed throughout the late 1800’s, and the early 20th century, like Ford, Sears & Roebucks, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, all the way through the late 20th century, like Apple.  All amazingly successful because they looked beyond the standard methodology and acceptable practices of the time to enthrall their customers with something new, something better. They saw a demand or potential demand, sometimes even created that demand themselves, and they went for it. It didn’t matter to them that there was a way that was considered standard. They looked to a better, more successful way, regardless of the popularity of that idea.

Great musicians adapt their musical style to suit new generations and trends, clothing designers adapt their clothing designs. Take Chris Cornell for example; his skillful ability to adapt to more popular styles of music along with an updated yet still quintessential “Cornell” look have kept him on top well into his 50’s. And more power to him. That’s what we all need, and savvy online businesses know it. Successful businesses with staying power know that to be adaptable, is to not only survive, but to thrive. Without adaptation, all would go stale, and stagnate, and slowly fade away. Covered by a snowstorm of newer, more enticing marketing, strategies, products and services.

This concept has been proven throughout history to yield stellar results. Adapting well, and intuitively to your environment or situation, whatever it may be, being flexible, and open to new ideas, strategies, and methods is the best way to stay super competitive, and highly effective. To experience success. And adapting to the needs of your audience, customers, and clients is of utmost importance. The ability to flow from one thing to the next, taking all in stride, with opportunistic determination; that’s the stuff that successful, enduring businesses are made of, and it rarely fails.

Adaptability and eCommerce – Be Water My Friend
Photograph by Tina Barnash © 2016 | All Rights Reserved.

Empty Your Mind…So You Can See

To achieve this one cannot cloud their mind with thoughts of any one way, because this leads them to ignore, or perhaps even entirely miss, new things that may well prove lucrative if only recognized. Now, this does not mean re-invent the wheel when it is working, only that you should always keep an eye out for, and be open to, new concepts, methods, and strategies that will add to your success, new things that work. But you have to see them first. And to do that, you must open your mind.

And with this constant need for adaptability come new, exciting challenges every day; and perhaps the best opportunity one can find to grow, and thrive in the modern world. Which is infinitely appealing, and exciting to me. But then again, hasn’t it always been that way if only one was open minded, and flexible? After all, way back somewhere in time, someone certainly got the idea (most likely controversial at the time) to fashion clothing to keep themselves warm, to see a demand and create something to fulfill it; you get the idea. Most things were at one time un-thought of, and yet today it is considered a standard concept.

The Necessity of Successful Adaptation

Now, certainly some of that adaptability comes about in order to protect ones self.  A modern example would be in the case of recovering from a severe hack on your website, or surviving a downturn in the economy. So there is risk involved too, but what else is new? Doesn’t this just give us a chance to improve, learn new moves and strategies to protect ourselves, and move to new opportunities? It improves business “Kung Fu” so to speak.

Adapting For Something Better

Now may be the best time in history to take advantage of this concept. The internet provides us not only with the ability to let our unique gifts and talents shine on a global scale, but also the opportunity to make something of ourselves that was never possible before, something better. To share those gifts and talents with the world in a way we never could before, helping others along the way.

I mean, it’s easy to forget to just stop and take a look at the internet for what it is anymore. It seems as if we have been working at it for so long, diving down every rabbit hole that comes along, drilling right down to the last detail of every technique and strategy possible. Learning every new thing that comes along that we can. But when you just take a moment to stand back and see all that the web has become, everything it’s become to us, what changes it’s made to our lives, it really is beautiful. Or at least it can be.

Like Bruce Lee, we can incorporate new styles, new forms, new knowledge, and skills with those we already possess, and we can come away wiser, and better human beings, with more successful businesses for it. We can share, and grow, and create success from nothing more than determination, and practically thin air. We can set our own schedules, our own financial limits, help the envronment, be the people we were meant to be, and pass this knowledge on to others. But only if we adapt, learn, and open our minds to new ideas and concepts.

To me, very few things in life hold a candle to the possibilities we have online.  Very little is as worthy of our time, and so inspiring that you can wake up each new day, excited to get to see what comes your way. Nothing, with the exception of one thing; our children.

More than just your business…

And when you can make your world better by making a living online, you make their lives better as well. You can make more of your time with your children; more time, and a richer, fuller life with them. And then too, you can pass what you know on to your children. If you have one of those marvelous, like minded kids, who looks forward to doing what you do, and loving the job for what it is, you can especially ensure a better living for future generations too. All because you passed on this gift of adaptability, of possessing an open mind. That goes for every aspect of life.

More than us…

And it’s not just our children, and our income that benefit greatly from this way of making a living. The world itself benefits every time new successful online income is attained. How? Because every time this happens, it’s one less individual using gas to drive a car, or ride a bus to work. One less person using all that paper, less of a burden on our ecosystem. And now, that adaptation makes a whole new difference to the world.

If he were alive today, I wonder what Bruce Lee would think of the world wide web. Presumably, the master of adaptability, of crash and flow would no doubt take advantage of this amazing technology. I should think he would share his philosophical views, and ever improving martial arts style with the even more of the world than he did in his lifetime. And no doubt someone with so much talent and passion for that state of mind, and teaching others along the way, would quickly adapt. And keep on adapting to thrive, online. It would have been quite a thing to see.

Be Formless, Shapeless…online.

But regardless of what the master of adaptation would have done with this wonderful gift, what I really want you to focus on here is this; what will you do with it?

Will you endeavor to adapt, to grow, and thrive online? I certainly wish this for all of my fellow entreprenuers, my clients, and students. I wish you all the best in your business endeavors; all you truly deserve in life. And after having pondered this extensively on this crisp, beautiful fall evening, my only advise to you is: “Be water my friend.”

Until next time; take care. Explore, Learn, Enjoy – and strive to be adaptable!

Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy

Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy

Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy

Thank you for stopping by the blog! Today I have wonderful news; I am happy to announce that the branding course I’ve been working on for you is ready! Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy!

So if you are in need of Branding for your business, be sure to check out the full ecourse on Udemy here>>

Branding for Beginners - Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on UdemyAs you may already know, I am packing tons of techniques, strategies, tips, tricks, resources, information and instruction for online tools you can use to get the job done, into eLearning Video eCourses designed to help you with all aspects of creating your online presence. In an effort to make getting this essential information and training as easy, and affordable for you as possible, I am making these great courses available on Udemy, a trusted online learning platform where you can purchase, and access the course any time you need, forever.

I have started with Branding, because well, that’s pretty much where it all begins in earnest for any business. All the excitement, all the anticipation, all the work, and unfortunately in a lot of cases, all the worry, frustration, and expense too. That’s why I designed this course to help you develop a successful branding strategy, and create an amazing logo for your business, as quickly, easily, and affordably as possible. Even if you have no previous experience in branding or graphic design. Whether you need a personal or company brand, this course has you covered.

Branding for Beginners Course on Udemy

In the course, I’ll walk you step by step through essential branding aspects like name creation, color psychology, color research, brand imagery and more, then show you the best (effective & affordable) way to hire a professional designer to create your logo, or create your very own custom logo using FREE online tools! It’s up to you; I have provided everything you need to get your logo created either way.

And those of you who know me, know that keeping things effective, yet efficient, is my top priority when it comes to getting the job done. Do it right, the first time, and do it while keeping costs down as much as possible. No need to pay more than you have to, as long as you can do it right, and spend less. Because, especially for startups and entrepreneurs, keeping those initial expenses down means your business has a better chance of starting, surviving, and thriving. Keeping your startup costs down means that you don’t have to make as much just to stay in business, which is critical, especially these days.

But enough economics…let’s talk convenience for a minute. See, I know from experience that finding time to learn new skills can be really tough. I am a wife, and a mom, and I am after all only human. So I understand the need for learning things when your schedule will allow, instead of someone else setting the schedule. Since eLearning solves that problem for all of us right from the start, I began this journey over a year ago in an effort to make my guidance, information, and training available to you whenever you need it. Whenever you have the time. 

I am so glad I did, already, people are benefiting from the course, when they have the time, instead of whenever we can get together for an appointment, or session. Besides, things are so much better when neither of us are rushed by time constraints. I can teach you better, and more effectively. You can learn more effectively, and we both come away with the best possible results. I am so glad I could find a way to offer us both this win-win situation!

So, I had a lot of fun making this course; granted, it was a lot of hard work, but I kept thinking how much this would help everyone out, and that made all the work so much more exciting, and fun. So, when it comes right down to it, things would have been so much more difficult, without you! 

So I would like to thank all of my clients, students, and followers everywhere for your support and encouragement in developing and creating these wonderful courses, and I hope to see you there for this initial course in Personal or Company Branding for Beginners.

I am so excited to get all of my courses available on Udemy for you to learn to your hearts’ content, and make the most of your business, and your dreams. And I hope you will join me for these essential courses as well. So be sure to keep an eye out on my Udemy profile; you’ll be seeing lots more courses there soon!

That being said, I have one more thing for you here that will make your quest for effective, affordable branding easier; just for you, my clients, students, and friends, I have create a special discount on the course! Click any of the links in this post, and you will receive $30 off this $85 course through Cyber Monday 2016! 

You can also get a sneak peak at the course before you buy; just click on one of the links here, and once you are over at Udemy click the preview button next to the introduction part of the course – you can watch the whole lecture for free! You’ll see what I have included in the course, and everything I will be showing you if you choose to become my student.

So, that’s about all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, and I hope you’ll join me for Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy!

Click Here to Check Out my eCourse on Udemy!

Branding for Beginners Course on Udemy

Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy

Your Future Is Created by What You Do Today, Not Tomorrow

Your Future Is Created by What You Do Today, Not Tomorrow

Your Future Is Created by What You Do Today, Not Tomorrow

It’s funny how our future is an easy thing to get caught up in without really doing anything to create the future we want. It can be tough to understand, that Your Future Is Created by What You Do Today, Not Tomorrow. It’s all too easy to think about things you want to do or achieve tomorrow, next week, next month, next year; yet the actual “doing” gets set aside for another time. Sometime in the future.

Operating this way though, when that future comes, next week, next year, the doing still needs done, and the future didn’t yield the results we wanted.

What’s difficult is realizing that there is never a better time than the present to help guide the outcome of our future. Perhaps it’s because the concept is so powerful. Perhaps it’s because today is now, and today doesn’t seem like anything special.

I get it, it’s so easy to feel like now, today, doesn’t seem like it has much bearing at all on the future.

But if you think about it a bit more philosophically, realistically even, now is gone in the blink of an eye, and then there is just more … now. Eventually, even tomorrow will become now. So when when you look at it this way, there is only really ever… now.

So, perhaps the difficulty is in seeing “now” as a gift; now as the Present one should never ever waste. Because the future is what we make of it, it is undetermined. And you are determining that future, right now.

Right “now”, you are here with me reading this post. And if in doing so, you come to the conclusion that “now” is special and entirely capable of molding your future, then my now, my Present is not wasted. Neither is yours.

We all have something special we can share with others. And when we share that something special, it makes the world a better place. Think of all the great things we enjoy today. Someone shared their something special with the world to give us that, even our freedom to do so ourselves.

And when it comes to online business, there is no difference what so ever. In fact, that’s what online business should be all about; sharing our something special, our gift(s), with others. That’s what makes you shine, what makes you unique. Your something special is what makes you, you.

Perhaps your passion is creating heavenly essential oils. Perhaps you can make video tutorials to help people fix their broken sink faucet. Maybe you provide a catering service, or bake yummy donuts…

Whatever your something special is, if you never spend your “now” sharing it, it will never benefit anyone else. And if your goal for your future is for your something special to make you money, it’s not going to happen if you never spend “now” sharing it.

Your Future Is What You Do Today Not Tomorrow
Image From Cloud9DesignSVG © 2019 (Click Image For More Information)

You see, right now, someone needs to fix their sink. Right now someone wants to dab some Lavender essential oil on their collar, or put it into an infuser so they can take in the scent and relax. Right now someone is needing a caterer to make their anniversary party special.

If you are out there sharing your special something now, every chance you get, the future you want will be there. Or at least you’ll have a better chance of having that future you envision for yourself. And those people you help with their sink, with your essential oils, well, you make their future better as well.

That’s how you can use “now”, the Present, as a gift for both yourself, and others. And it can make your dreams of future success, making money or an entire living sharing your special something online, a reality.

Be one of those people who gets things done. Now. Because those are the people who produce results, people others can rely on. People that rarely, if ever, say things like “I can’t.”, or “I don’t have time.” They don’t complain about the work, or the learning curve they must tackle in order to get where they want to go. They also do not tend to give up easily.

People who understand how powerful now can be don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today. They understand the importance of building their future today, every day. Those are the people who others respect, admire, count on, and look up to the most. Because those are the people who succeed in whatever they set their minds to. Because they are doing it right now.

It’s the same with our personal lives as well. The relationships we build today, whether it be with our spouse, our children, our siblings, our parents, or our friends; those are the relationships we will have to live with, and work with in the future.

And the beauty of this is; you always know that you can start creating your future now, today!

fall road 1 900

Understanding that we are working on our future right now, that we never have time to waste sitting idly by, that the things we do today can have a major impact on our tomorrow, our future; that’s powerful stuff.

Now, for us workaholics, I am not talking about passing up some well-deserved R&R, or time with our children, and family. Even some much needed time to ourselves to reflect, exercise, take care of ourselves. That is time well spent. Because if we are doing those things, we are still working on our future. You don’t have much of a future if you don’t take care of yourself. So be sure to take time for you.

There is another old adage that goes “You reap what you sow.” Same thing; the main point is, be mindful of what you do now, today, every day. These decisions and actions are what mold and sculpt your future.

“Actions speak louder than words.”

Another relevant phrase, because your actions show who you are, and what you stand for. They create your future. And those are the actions you are or aren’t taking every day.

So make the most of now, of every day my friends. Live life to the fullest; work hard, play well, take care of yourself. Be passionate about the things you enjoy most, and love with all your might. Whatever you do, do it well, and do it now, today. Do it every day. Because today is where your future begins. And when you start creating it today, you’ll build the future you always wanted, the future you deserve!

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out the rest of my blog 🙂 And don’t forget to take a break and enjoy something relaxing for a few moments while you are creating all of that future today; remember, a rested mind is a more productive mind!

My Best in All Your Efforts,

Tina Barnash

Your Future Is Created by What You Do Today, Not Tomorrow

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

With a rapidly growing arsenal of internet marketing tools at your disposal, it can be easy to miss a New IM and Content Marketing Tool that could be a major boost for your business. I get it, we all do; you have enough on your plate just managing your business day to day. This means it can be tough for small business owners to find the time to research new Internet Marketing options.

But when it comes to drawing attention (and traffic) to your business, filling those seats, or booking those rooms, you cannot afford to miss those “must see”, and most importantly competitive, and effective methods of getting that attention. After all, nothing can be more of a draw on your valuable time and energy than worrying that you aren’t getting enough customers, right?

Of course, its part of my job to always be on the lookout for great ways to help you advertise your business online. So, today I would like to share with you a pretty cool IM tool I am a big fan of, especially for service industry businesses. A fairly recent option for those with “happening” brick and mortar locations, and also a strong candidate for a position in evergreen internet, and content marketing in my humble opinion, the fabulously visual “Webcam Networks”.

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See- Webcam Networks 2What is a Webcam Network?

Great for businesses with a physical location where lots of entertaining activity takes place regularly, these networks are comprised of live, streaming webcam feeds piped directly from the businesses’ physical location to the network website. The webcam footage may also be embedded onto the businesses’ website or blog to enhance static company information, or even your landing page header!

Potential customers or clients from all over the world can watch the events taking place at your business location in real time, and get a taste of what is in store for them should they choose to become your customer, guest, or client. As you can imagine, this feature can be a real boost to your internet marketing campaign, and an incomparable feature for your website.

Equipment, Setup, and Features

Webcam equipment may vary from network to network, however many networks offer to provide the hardware (webcam, cables, etc.), and will perform on location setup of the system, or instruction if needed. If you are tech savvy you can often use your own equipment, and set it up yourself.

Depending on the equipment, and service level with the network, viewers may be able to use controls to pan around, zoom into the location for a better view; even have an audio feature available where they can actually hear what is going on at the location. The service may require a monthly or annual fee, but it is well worth the online coverage an active, thriving business can receive.

A good example of how effective and beneficial Webcam Networks can be is Rick’s Café in Jamaica. This trendy ocean side eatery features live music, and a festive setting that is bustling with enthusiastic patrons most days of the year. But the most prominent feature of this popular little island attraction is an amazing little cove just outside the restaurant with a stunning, 35 foot, natural cliff diving platform!

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See- Webcam Networks Rick’s Café utilizes the network, with webcams placed at advantageous locations outside, and one inside their restaurant/club. The outside cameras catch patrons diving off into the crystal blue ocean waters, and when the sun goes down the webcam located inside the cafe treats internet audiences to a view of the activity, and live Jamaican music entertainment inside.  Although Ricks’ Café has wisely implemented a full internet marketing strategy, their participation in the Webcam Network has undoubtedly significantly increased awareness of this little Caribbean gem.

Webcam Versatility

While every business may not boast such a stunning feature as Ricks’ Café, one should keep in mind that todays’ traveler prefers to be much more informed than ever before. They will utilize every online service available in order to better preview the amenities, facilities, and services available at their intended destinations beforehand, in an effort to make a more informed decision about the hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, and tourist attractions they will visit. This helps to avoid disappointment. They are also keen to share attractive possibilities with their friends and co-workers online. So don’t discount the power live webcam views of your establishment can have on your potential patrons who would like view your place live before they visit.

Live webcam networks do cost a bit, but it’s totally worth it for businesses with a lot of entertaining activities, or attractive facilities, amenities, and features, as it can attract a lot of attention online! In addition, your business will be perceived as a tech savvy, consumer friendly company, which is a big plus among today’s modern traveler and patron.

If your business fits the bill, it may very well pay to take a closer look at this New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See- Webcam Networks!

New IM and Content Marketing Tool You Must See – Webcam Networks

Hello, Welcome To My Blog!

Hello, Welcome To My Blog!

Hello, welcome to my blog!

I’m glad you stopped by the blog today, and I hope you are having a great week!

I am so excited to share the website and blog design related information I have for you. First, be sure to Join Me at the FREE WP Workshop where I’ll be showing you how to build a website!

For resources to help you with your online presence be sure to check out my DIY Webmaster Essential Resources Page Here. The page is an ever growing list of the best resources I recommend to help you build the website you need and deserve, and do it as quickly and cost effectively as possible. (I included links to FREE resources and tools to help you get there without spending a fortune; don’t worry, I guarantee you it can be done!)

You Hello, Welcome To My Blog!may also want to join my RSS feed here; you can also do this by clicking the RSS link in the sidebar, at the bottom of the page,
or click the little coffee cup icon to the right>>

So What’s All The Excitement About?

After years of working with clients on their websites and blogs, I have shifted gears. I have transitioned to something a little more far reaching, and infinitely more beneficial for you. In fact, more so than I could ever have hoped to achieve with personal coaching and consulting services. (It will also be more affordable for you.)

I am getting ready to “spill the beans”, so to speak, on everything I know about building your website. In an effort to help you cover all the bases, I’ll also be helping you with related essentials like Content Marketing, and Creating An Attention Grabbing Brand. The information will be available in the form of digital training and video workshops. This is something I have been working very hard on for over a year now, and I am eager to share it all with you!

I plan to tell you everything, from the most effective and affordable way to create your very own eCommerce website, to every little technique, tip, trick, tool, and resource I have in my arsenal. My goal is to help all of the hard working, dedicated business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs I can through this wonderful thing we call the internet!  But more on that later.

Don’t forget to bookmark my site for easier access. And again, if you are interested in learning how to create your first website, or make your existing site better, you won’t want to miss the valuable training and information I will be making available to you at the FREE WP Workshop!

I hope to see you there,

Explore, Learn, & Enjoy!

– Tina Barnash

Digital Web Coach 

Hello, welcome to my blog!

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