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How To Setup A WordPress Blog Or Website [Checklist]

How To Setup A WordPress Blog Or Website [Checklist]

How To Setup A WordPress Blog Or Website [Checklist]

Getting your WordPress website or blog ready to rock can be a bit stressful. Especially if you have never done it before. But I assure you it’s not as difficult as it may seem. So, I am going to share my WordPress Setup Checklist to help you get your site up and running quickly.

This checklist will help you set up your WordPress site, whether it’s a blog or your business website. The set up is basically the same. However, in the few areas where there is a difference I’ll be sure to point that option out so you can come away with the style of site you want.

Now, I know you may not have the time, or the patience to set everything up all at once. So to make things easier I have broken my WordPress Setup Checklist down into 5 easy to manage parts. I recommend that you commit to completing 1 part each week. This will make the process less overwhelming. And by the time you complete the checklist you’ll have your website or blog set up and ready to greet visitors!

5 Steps To Set Up Your WordPress

Yes, that’s pretty much it. 5 basic steps to setting up your brand new WordPress blog or website. No coding, no techy, confusing junk. You don’t need to spend months or years to get a WP site or blog. And you don’t have to pay someone hundreds or thousands of dollars to set it up. No joke. I guarantee you it is easier than you think.

Even though we won’t be covering much of the actual, in depth instruction behind these steps in this post, I’ll show you the Checklist, or Blueprint if you will, for creating a WordPress website. This will help you know exactly what you need to take action on, and in what order, so you can go about building your website in an organized, efficient manner. Because most of the difficultiy comes from not knowing this.

WordPress Training Course

Now, before we begin I would like to let you in on something I have coming for you down the pipline for the near future. I am currently planning a WordPress Training Course to give you the exact, step by step “How To’s” for building your site. And I am going to make this training free, right here on my site. I am doing this because I really want to help people just like you, to walk you right through setting up your entire blog or business website. So I am creating a video training course to show you how to create your WordPress blog or website. The course will include detailed instruction for the WordPress Setup Checklist I am about to reveal to you.

From settings and plugins, to themes and finishing touches of your website, and even content, I intend to show you everything you need to build your WordPress website. The exact actions to take, exact instructions to make it all happen.

I’ll break it all down into managable chunks you can easily accomplish. You will be able to follow along as I show you exactly what to do every step of the way, so you won’t get confused or lost. We are going to have lots of fun building your WordPress site together. And show you how to do it for a fraction of the cost web designers and developers, or big companies will charge you.

Again, the training will be free. But there are expenses involved in setting up a WP site, like hosting, a theme, if you choose to buy one instead of using a free theme. And one of the plugins I recommend for helping you build your pages, and make those pages completely mobile friendly is paid. However, I assure you that my method will be far lest costly, yet just as effective as having your site built for thousands of dollars.

I am not going to name names, but you can easily pay thousands of dollars for fewer features, limited design capabilities, and a whole list of “less value, more stress”, nickle-and-dime-you to death and waste your time services. You generally come away from those deals with far less than you were promised, for a much higher price than you were initially promised, and months out from the timeframe they initially promised as well.

All for just basic features you could have done yourself, with a little help.

I do not want that to happen to you. It’s just un-necessary. You can get everything you need, those basic features plus a whole lot more, by simply following the no-brainer instructions I am planning to provide you with. And come away with the site you need at a cost you can afford.

The Hosting Service You Need

I even plan to reveal my “super-secret” hosting solution, practically hand you great hosting that is also a steal of a deal! Honestly, this is some seriously white-glove hosting services these guys provide. And at an extremely affordable rate (as in, less than you probably pay for coffee in a month). This little known gem of a hosting company is actually operated by the very guys who will set you up with your own hosting account, install WP for you, and be right there to support you any time of the day or night you need them. And if your website is ever hacked or goes down, they will do everything they can to get it back up and running fast!

I won’t recommend anything less that the best. I have this all set up and arranged so you can personally get in touch with my awesome hosting guys! They will be waiting to help you out. And that stellar service level doesn’t mean you have to put yourself in hock to get it either. Their pricing is highly affordable and totally scalable. So you’ll be in good hands as your business needs grow.

This will make your initial setup super easy. Your hosting and wordpress install practically done for you. I promise you it will be more than worth it.

Best WordPress Theme & Plugins You Can Get Your Hands On

I also want to show you the very best theme you can currently get for your WordPress site, in my opinion. And it’s not just me saying that; I actually use it on several of my own sites, and lots of experts like it too. This theme has it all; different versions of the core theme for niche specific design, fast load time, fully mobile friendly, highly sharable content, top-notch video display, big-time affiliate friendly, ecommerce friendly, with LOADS of options built right in…honestly the best theme I have ever seen for WordPress. Again, lots of experts and online businesses agree.

And I am going to tell you exactly what it is, where to get it, how to install it, how to set it up…even how to customize it to be exactly what you need!

WordPress is a great platform for your site, right out of the box. If you need extra features and functionality, just about anything you could need is avialable in the form of plugins. These are basically little programs you can install on your site that extend the core WordPress features. You are likely to want or need some of these, so I’ll show you the best plugins for just about any common function or feature you could ask for. Most are free. All are supported by trusted developers and kept up to date.

Like my Sticky Top Bar you see at the top of my site here? I’ll tell you how to get that too, along with another great option in case you need it!

Again, only the best recommendations, options, advice and training I can give. Always. End of subject.

Easiest Most Effective Affordable Way To Add Ecommerce To Your WP Site

Between my own websites and my clients’ sites, I’ve tried just about every ecommerce solution worth it’s salt. And now I want to share with you my #1 Go-To eCommerce Solution. It’s no big secret, Shopify is king, currently and for the foreseeable future. And Shopify has an amazing way to source products if you don’t have them, or would like to add a product line to your services, or existing products. NO inventory needed, NO upfront costs. Just good old dropshipping made simple. I’ve been doing this for years, so have a lot of successful online businesses. And it works. But shopify has really revolutionized dropshipping and made it so easy-I wish it had existed when I started out years ago.

So after we get your site up and going, I will show you how to set up a Shopify store and integrate it with your WP site so it looks seemless and functions flawlessly for your onsite sales. And if you want to dropship products, I’ll point you towards the information you need to get that set up too.

Real WordPress Training, Real Solutions To Your Needs

I want to show you all of this to help you get your website up and running fast, without the hassle, without paying super-inflated prices. Because I am really tired of having people come to me with these horrible stories about how they got taken by unscrupulous designers, developers and big corporations. I always feel so terrible for them, because they didn’t know any better and just simply got ripped off. This is just wrong. People don’t deserve to get treated like that. Plain and simple.

You deserve more. You deserve the best. You deserve control over your business, your website. You CAN have it, and I intend to show you exactly how.

This course is in the works, but it takes time to create a quality course like I have in store for you. So, in the meantime, if you are really interested in step by step, easy to follow WordPress setup instruction, if you are really ready to get it done, and you want all those great services and goodies I just mentioned, please feel free to Contact Me! I will be releasing the written version of my training course ahead of the video course for those who cannot wait to get started. And you will still be able to come take the video course when it becomes avialable!

I’ll also have lots of other informative training available for you, like Content Marketing, Branding, and Content Creation.

Okay, enough about the upcoming training for now. Let’s get you started with the…

WordPress Checklist I promised you.

So, these are the 5 Steps To Creating Your WordPress website or blog. Assuming of course that you have hosting in place, and have installed wordpress.

These 5 Steps are:

1.) Settings

2.) Plugins

3.) Content

4.) Themes

5.) Finishing Touches

To begin, simply login to your WordPress dashboard using the user name and password you created when you installed WP. You will be presented with a rather intimidating dashboard full of options and settings, but don’t worry, it is not as difficult as it seems.

Really quick before you start, know that WordPress comes with a lot of junk you don’t need. You can get rid of some of it, like deleting the “Hello Dolly” plugin, and the first demo post that WP automatically sets up called “Hello World!”.

Now lets’ cover some of the basics for your setup. I’m not going to go into every detail here in this post, just give you some important setup and settings information…

Spam Filter Setup

You don’t want a bunch of spam/junk to deal with, so the first thing you need to do is set up your spam filter. Fortunately, there is an awesome FREE plugin that takes care of all of that for you; Akismet. It should have come already pre-installed with your WordPress installation. You should take care of this now because technically, Akismet is part of your settings. So be sure to configure Akismet.

Navigate to the “Plugins” panel of your site; you’ll find this in the options in the sidebar to the left of your screen. Locate the Akismet plugin and look for the three options under the Akismet plugin; Settings, Deactivate & Edit. Look just to the right of that, and you will see some info about the plugin. You’ll also see where it says “to get started…set up your API key.” Click on the text link “your Akismet Settings page”. (See Image Below.)

How To Setup A WordPress Blog Or Website [Checklist]

You’ll be directed to the Akismet key configuration page.

Wordpress Setup - Akismet API Key

Akismet makes this super simple, so just click on the blue button that says “Get Your API Key” and follow the instructions. You’ll be asked to set up and account (if you don’t already have one), and activate Akismet for your site.

Either way, once you have fully activated Akismet you’ll see the plugin settings panel. Tick the box next to “Show the number of approved comments…”, and under “Strictness” select the “Silently discard the worst spam…”, then click “Save Settings”.

Okay, so now you have your spam filter all set up. Let’s move on to the rest of your WordPress settings.

Author Setup

When you installed WordPress, you probably wound up with default username “admin” and some default generated password. If so, this is not the most secure setup. And since you cannot change a username once the user is set up, you will need to create a new user to ensure better security.

If however, you created a unique username and a good strong password (I recommend at least 20 characters) when you installed WP, you can skip this step. Just be sure to check your user settings and make sure that the email is the one you want to use.

Creating a new user is simple, and if you have someone else you want to add as a user you can use these instructions as well. Locate the “Users” option in the left sidebar and go to “Add New”. Once you have your new user all set up, proceed back to “All Users”, and delete the old user you set up when you installed WordPress. That will get rid of that unsecure user account.

An Important Note: I recommend changing your user(s) passwords every few months or so for optimal security. Just like your Paypal account password, email password, or other important accounts, be sure to update this too.

WordPress General Settings

Okay, so now you have a nice, secure user account. Now you need to make some changes to the default settings, and some of these are critical.

  • General Settings
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Discussion
  • Media
  • Permalinks
  • Sharing

Hover over “Settings” in the left sidebar and click on “General Settings”. This area is for the basic information about your website or blog. There are several settings here, but only a few that are critical. I’m just going to cover those.

First, you should change your Site Title to reflect your site name. If you want to add a Tagline you can do so.

And most importantly, make sure that the WordPress Address (URL) & Site Address (URL) are correct. An important note here; if you have an SSL installed on your site make sure that your url includes “https” instead of just “http”. But don’t set your url to “https” unless you have an SSL Certificate installed on your site.

Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page to save your settings.

WordPress Writing Settings

These are found under Settings>Writing in the left sidebar of your dashboard. For now, you don’t need to do much here except to set your Default Post Category and Default Post Format.

Reading Settings

These settings are found under Settings>Reading. Make sure to determine your “Front Page Displays”. If you are using a static page for your homepage be sure to select the radio button next to “As static page”, “Blog Posts” to display your blog on homepage. Save your settings.

Discussion Settings

Discussion Settings are found in your sidebar under Settings>Discussion. All you really need to do here is make sure the box is checked next to “an administrator must always approve the comment.” to manually approve all comments on your blog or site. This will help avoid spam comments, or junk you don’t want being published to your site. This is recommended. Be sure to save your changes before moving on to the next step.


I just want you to be aware of this area located under Settings>Media, which contains the settings for your site media.


This section contains perhaps the most important setting of all; your permalink structure. This helps ensure that the search engines will find your site to be search friendly, and you definitely want that. To set your permalinks go to Settings>Permalinks. Just click the radio button next to “Custom Structure” and in the box next to it enter this:


This structure will make your website or blog search engine friendly by adding the name of the post to the end of that posts’ url. Again, don’t forget to save your changes.


Your sharing settings are located in your dashboard sidebar under Settings>Sharing. This is where you will configure important settings to share your sites’ content and connect/integrate your Social Networks with your site.

First you will see your Social integration area at the top. Simply click “Connect” next to the Social Network you wish to integrate and follow the on screen instructions to connect your accounts.

Next you need to enable your sharing buttons. These are the Social Network buttons that will appear on each page you enable them on so that your visitors can easily share your awesome content. Under the “Sharing Buttons” section you’ll see the available services. All you have to do is drag your preferred services into the enabled services section just below.

Next, select your button style. Make sure to set your sharing label. Select where your buttons will be shown under the “Show Buttons On” section. You can also set your Twitter Site Tag (username), and turn on likes (recommended). Leave the box next to “Disable CSS & JS” unchecked.

WordPress Settings Are Step 1

Settings are the first step in getting your WordPress site up and running. So be sure to take the time to properly configure your settings. We didn’t cover everyting here, however, this should give you a basic idea of the task, and help you understand that, as promised, WP is simple and easy to set up. Not so scary at all.

Next week we’ll talk Plugins. I’ll show you some of my favorite, can’t do without plugins. Most pros recommend these too, and most are free to use.

In the coming weeks we will briefly discuss the three remaining steps to setting up your WordPress site; Content, Themes and the Finishing Touches! Of course, themes will be the most exciting part, because your theme determines the overall design of your site. We will dicuss themes so you have a basic idea of what they are, how they work, and how to use them. And we’ll cover free vs paid themes.

Okay, so get started with your WordPress Settings and get those configured. Once you are done, give yourself a nice pat on the back for me. You deserve it, because you are well on your way to setting up your website or blog!

Or drop me a line via email and I’ll give you a VR pat on the back when I respond back to you!

If you are reading this post after Sept 2017 then those next steps are already published here on my blog. You can click here to move on to the next step whenever you are ready. I’ll see you there and we’ll discuss those next steps to set up your WordPress site.

And don’t forget, if you would like to get WordPress Setup Training be sure to contact me and let me know! I want to hear how I can help you out most. How would you like that training? In person? Via eMail course? Video training Course? Let me know in your message so I know how I can best provide that training to help you!

Just type your message, include “WordPress Setup Training” and the method you would prefer, so I know what would help you best. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with more information.

Also, I have a FREE Webmasters’ Resource Guide for you when you SUBSCRIBE to my Newsletter Here➦

Until next time, enjoy getting those WordPress Settings knocked out! I’ll be back with more on How to Setup A WordPress Blog Or Website next week!

How To Setup A WordPress Blog Or Website [Checklist]


Green Smoothie Recipe You’ll Really Enjoy

Green Smoothie Recipe You’ll Really Enjoy

 Green Smoothie Recipe You’ll Really Enjoy

So, a few months back I posted a recipe for healthy yogurt smoothies over on my blog. In this post I thought I would share with you a Green Smoothie Recipe You’ll Really Enjoy!

No really, it tastes great. And it’s good for you too!

Now, why am I talking about Green Smoothies? Because I want you to be successful in your business, and happy with your life. And if you don’t have your health, you won’t have either.

If you are like me, you probably spend most of your day sitting at your computer working. That’s just life in online businesses. Its sort of difficult to do what we do while jogging or swimming. (Yes, that was a bit of sarcasm.) And while we may love what we do, this sedentary lifestyle can have adverse effects on your health if you don’t take care of yourself.

Poor health = business problems & unhappiness. It could even be worse. And we don’t want any of that.

That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself, right from the beginning. It’s too easy to start an online business thinking, “I need to get this done. I’ll exercise later.” Or, “I’ll exercise just as soon as this project is done.” Then there is another project, and another…and you wind up simply not getting any exercise time in.

You just have to make time, just like you make time for checking your email, posting to your blog. Make an “appointment” to exercise just like you schedule your clients if you have to. Only make this appointment 5-6 days per week. Just 30 minutes a day will do wonders.

Get 20-30 minutes of exercise every day. Get your heart rate up, and don’t forget to stretch out first. Actually, take 5-10 minutes to stretch out 2-3 times a day. And be sure to take good look out the window periodically; give your eyes a chance to focus on things that are further, and closer in the distance to help avoid problems with your vision. Because looking at a computer screen all day long…not good for your eyes.

And perhaps most important of all, take care of your digestive system. Because if your digestive system isn’t healthy, the rest of your body will surely become run down, and you’ll eventually develop health problems. And all kinds of nasty things can happen when your digestive system is in poor health.

Sure, it may seem difficult. I mean, who has time to stop for breakfast, or lunch, right? And I don’t like having something heavy on my stomach all day long either. Fortunately, there is a great solution to this problem: Green Smoothies.

You may like them, you may not. But you owe it to yourself and your business to at least try this. And if you already love Green Smoothies, you are in for a treat! It’s super-easy to make; just a few ingredients to grab, a few seconds in the blender. But the benefits to your health are huge. Green Smoothies help balance your ph levels, and they provide you with all kinds of essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy.

Okay, enough of that. Let’s get on with the…

Green Smoothie Recipe

All you need to make this smoothie is two average size bananas (I like mine just a little past perfectly ripe), 5-6 Romain lettuce leaves, 3 average size Kale leaves, and 1/8 cup of spring water. I like to blend my bananas and water first, then add the Romain & Kale leaves. Blend until super-smooth, chill for 20 minutes in the fridge, and enjoy!

Green Smoothie Variations

My daughter likes to add a cup of Organic Vanilla Green Yogurt to this recipe, leaving out the water. I like it just the way it is. It’s up to you.

If you want you can leave out the Kale and substitute 2-3 more Romain leaves. And you can add a teaspoon of cold milled Flaxseed too. This will make your smoothie a bit thicker, and it adds a nutty flavor that goes great with the “green”. Plus, Flaxseed has its benefits too, but I won’t go into that right now.

You can also try this recipe with ripe Mango instead of banana, if you like Mango. I don’t, but I tried it once, and if Mango is your thing, it’s pretty good. Mango is good for you too. But if I add anything different to mine it’s usually ¼ cup Blueberries.

So that gives you the main recipe, and quite a few tasty, healthy variations.

If you try any of these and like them, have any thoughts, or variations of your own that you would like to share, please feel free to post in the comments section below. I’m always happy to hear what you think. And I’m always up for trying a new Green Smoothie recipe!

If you want my Blueberry or Mango yogurt smoothie recipes you can get those over at my WordPress blog, in my post Healthy Recipe For Morning Rituals here ➦ 

Be sure to spread this recipe around; like and share this post. And until next time, take care of yourself, and enjoy that smoothie!

Green Smoothie Recipe You’ll Really Enjoy

Content Marketing Importance & Ethics

Content Marketing Importance & Ethics

Content Marketing Importance & Ethics

Just after New Years’ early this past spring I did a post over on my WordPress blog about Content Marketing. And as the year moves on, unsurprisingly, Content Marketing is just getting to be more and more of a discussion for online businesses everywhere. And something that is considered by pretty much every expert internet marketer in the world to be an essential part of any modern business marketing strategy.

Of course, content has always been important, even before the internet came along. But in the online world, what we call “Content Marketing” has been on the rise for the past few years. And it’s been getting a massive amount of attention for a good reason.

It’s not just that Google has changed its algorithms, and it’s not just because Content Marketing is free (for the most part). There are literally tons of reasons why it’s a big deal, and organic traffic doesn’t cover it all by far.

Why Content Marketing?

There is the fact that consumers have become “banner blind”, tired of seeing ads so they just click them off, hit the backspace button, or flat out ignore them. And then there is the opportunity to attract visitors into joining your valuable mailing lists by enticing them with free downloadable goodies that add value, and you can create tons of content around. There are all kinds of places on the web where you can post your content for backlinks (which ARE still highly important to your traffic when the links are of high quality). And regularly networking with your social media followers about your content is a great way to get attention too.

But for ethical businesses who really want to help their audiences, visitors, customers and clients, there is a reason that overshadows all of this. For one thing, Content Marketing gives you the chance to create value beyond just what you sell. It also gives you the opportunity to reach out and help others in a conversational way that makes connections that are important everyone; connections that last. It gives you the opportunity to be REAL, with REAL people who appreciate it. And it gives you a chance to make a difference all of the time, not just when you are coaching a client, or someone buys your product or takes your training course.

Plus, the words you place online are there every minute of the day and night for others to see. The value is always there as well, right where you left it for everyone to find and benefit from.

Someone can visit your site or blog, read your post or watch your Youtube video at 1am on Christmas Eve if they want. They don’t have to buy something from you or schedule an appointment with you to get that value. And all of this makes content so much more important that it has ever been, perhaps, in a world where consumers are more readily informed than ever before.

Yes, Content Marketing will make you an authority in your niche or particular business field if you do it right. And for those who take that job seriously, it’s priceless in more ways than one.

Content Marketing Importance and EthicsContent Marketing, Trust & Responsibility

Just remember, with authority comes the “R” word: RESPONSIBILITY. Because when you are an authority you are (or should be anyway) responsible for providing the most accurate, beneficial information, training, and help you can offer. Do the very best you can do, only that which you can be proud of.

Do that, and your followers, audience, customers and clients will trust you. Trust you to deliver on your promises, trust you to give them only the best you can give, regardless of what it is. And sure, if you do it right you’ll make money. But someday far down the road, you will be able to look back, and feel a sense of accomplishment that you have done something that truly contributed to the lives of others, in whatever way you specifically can. No matter how small or large.

Maybe you just showed people how to relax for 10 minutes a day. Maybe you pointed them towards a great web host and saved them money on quality services. Maybe you helped them learn how to cook a healthy meal on a budget, or a gourmet meal for a memorable family gathering. Maybe you showed brides how to shop for their cherished wedding gown, or taught someone to crochet a baby blanket for their first grandchild. The point is you helped people, and that means something. Something very special, especially to those people you were able to help.

And you can do all of this through content. Quality content that will also attract traffic to your offers, so you can help more people with more quality content. Even sell them on your products that will just add more value to what you have to say.

Or maybe you’ll just sell them that thing they so desperately desire or need right now. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s what they needed, what they wanted. The thing that solved their problem or fulfilled their expectations and performed as advertised. And you brought it to them, you helped solve the problem, or helped them find that thing they were after.

Give Only Your Best

Think about it this way, if you have kids you do whatever you can to make them happy, right? You want to give them the best; the best emotional support, the best care, the best education, the best guidance and direction…even the best Christmas presents.

While guidance, direction, support, education, and care are definitely serious necessities for children, those Christmas presents are just frills. After all, if you are providing the important things, your kids probably don’t care about awesome Christmas presents as much. They would love you even if you had a lean Christmas. Even if all they got was a candy cane.

So why do we do these things, why try so hard for our kids? Because we care about them.

Well, it should be the same for our customers and clients, even our audience and visitors. After all, they are the ones that make that wonderful life you want to give your kids possible. They are the ones footing the bill. And therefore, they mean that life for your and your family. Don’t they deserve that same level of care, that same loyalty respectively?

You bet they do. Because they basically make your life possible.

And again, responsibility. I know it’s not widely associated with business these days. With all the false promises, products that prove to be nothing like what was promised, customer support that you’re better off without, and stuff that doesn’t stand up to the overinflated hype surrounding it, it’s as if businesses don’t appreciate their customers any more. And consumers feel that. Boy, do they feel it. So much so that they find it hard to trust anyone anymore.

When you are an influence to others, you have the responsibility to influence honestly and wisely, and in the best interest of those people you influence. You should take the trust they instill in you seriously, and not lead them astray. Or at least that’s how it should be.

And it’s not that hard. When you do things for the right reasons it just comes naturally.

It’s a two-way street; you take care of them, and they will take care of you. Appreciate them, and they will appreciate you for it. Everyone is happy.

Okay, sure, you can’t make everyone happy all the time. I’ve covered this before somewhere here on the site. There will be times when a customer just cannot be made happy. Things that are out of your control will go wrong. That’s just to be expected. But when you strive to live up to your promises, take the responsibility to be honest and ethical about your business, be honest about those things that do go wrong and do your best to fix it, those times will be few and far between.

And your best opportunity to lower the chances of mishaps or hard feelings right from the start is good communication. That content you use to inform, educate, and add value. On your website, in your product listings, social networking, freebies, your email marketing; it doesn’t matter.

Communicate well, provide value, and do what you say you’re going to do.

So you see, that content is very important; to you, your business, and your audience.  And in all honesty, it always will be. Because effective, honest communication makes strong connections and relationships that last.

By now I’m sure you get the point.  But I just cannot stress the importance of all of this enough.

Regardless, we’ll move on, because want to give you the shortened, condensed version of my Content Marketing Express Checklist. This is the basic foundation for a good Content Marketing Strategy that most any business needs, and I know it will help you out a lot if you are just getting started with your business online, or if you have neglected your Content Marketing. So here we go…

Content Marketing Checklist

  • Set Your Goals
    • Traffic – Set clear, reasonable goals for your traffic volume. Assess your traffic regularly so you can adjust your Content Marketing Strategy accordingly.
    • Sales – Set clear, reasonable goals for your sales. Start with the goal of getting or increasing sales by an achievable amount. Assess on a regular basis and adjust your Content Marketing Strategy as needed.
    • Search – Go for as much search traffic (organic traffic) as you can get; after all, it is free.
    • Shares & Engagements –Your goal here is to get your content shared as much as possible; monitor your content for engagement and create more around content that you notice working best.
  • Understand How Google Indexes & Ranks Content
    • You don’t have to be a Google search expert, but you should be sure to have a good, basic understanding of how Google indexes, sorts & serves content.
    • Familiarize yourself with the current algorithms so you can produce content that has the best chances of ranking well, and working for you the hardest. Stay on top of what Google is looking for by using Google Keyword Planner, and watching the content your top-ranking competitors are serving up to their audiences across their web presences.
    • Most importantly, remember that Google demands “unique, conversational” content, so make sure you don’t have duplicate content, and create content that speaks to your audience like you would talk to them in person. Aim to connect with your audience, gain their trust, show them that you are an honest authority in your niche or industry by sharing accurate, relevant, important information with them. And when they are engaged, sharing, commenting etc. on your content, be sure to respond back with timely, professional, courteous, helpful, and most of all, grateful replies!
  • Logo & Specific Platform Imagery & Graphics
    • Make sure that you have all imagery and graphics required for each marketing platform ready.
    • You will need a well-designed, professional logo; one that accurately represents your business, and will give your visitors, customers and clients a memorable impression of your business. Your logo should be clear, uncluttered, easy to see and read.  (If you need a logo, be sure to check Video Graphics Edge collection of logo PSD Templates you can download instantly, and use to create a professional looking logo in just minutes!)
    • Be sure to maintain congruity throughout all branding materials and across all platforms; anywhere your audience and customers encounter your brand so that your brand is quickly and easily identified.
  • Website/Blog Tagline
    • Have a short, effective tagline, or slogan, that clearly communicates your company’s message.
  • Basic Information About Your Company
    • Make sure you have all your basic company information included on your website or blog.
    • Basic company information includes:
      • Physical Address
      • Phone #
      • Contact Info; Email Address, Phone # etc.
      • Web Address
      • Other Company Contact Info; Social Media, etc.
      • Hours of Operation
      • Policies, Terms of Service, Disclosures, Guarantee/Warranty Info, etc.
      • Privacy Policy (Required by law if you collect any info from visitors.)
      • Payment Processing & Security & Site Security Features (SSL, other)
      • Team Info
    • Make sure your NAPS are listed and accurate on top online directories (name, address, phone # -LinkedIn, Yellow pages etc.)
  • Organization
    • By now you are starting to get a lot of information, research and imagery collected, and you need to organize it to ensure that it is safely stored and easy to find.
    • Make backups/copies of all of these valuable materials so you won’t lose them and have to start all over again if something goes wrong.

Social Media Setup

Determine the Social Networks that best support your niche or industry..

  • Facebook – Great for any business, Facebook is a wonderful way to spread the word about your business, and can even be monetized with eCommerce solutions like Shopify so your customers can buy your products directly off Facebook. Perform proper setup with a Fanpage, join groups and post regularly-but watch for specific group rules & regs so you don’t get into trouble. For Facebook training, be sure to review the FB training materials they provide for free.
  • Twitter – A great Social platform for most businesses. Set it up and Tweet regularly. Make the most of your words here, Tweets allow few characters. Include images and/or videos with your Tweets whenever possible, shorten your urls, and don’t forget to use hashtags (#). *Another Social Network you can sell products from Shopify on!
  • Pinterest – This platform is one that may or may not work for all businesses, depending on your niche. Pinterest still attracts a predominantly female demographic, and is highly visual in nature.  Surround your business, product or service pins with niche or industry relevant pins from all over the internet.
  • Instagram – Instagram is great if you have a lot of visual content and video to work with, and caters to 20 somethings and younger demographics so it may not work to the best advantage for every business. *You must use a mobile devise to set up and use Instagram.
  • Google+ –Share content, images, video, recommended links, etc.
  • Automate your Social Networking to make the most of your efforts in less time with a Social Automation Tool like Mass Planner.
  • Note: Always use Social Media Best Practices.

Your Website and/or Blog

  • Content for Static Pages
    • Static pages of your website may include pages such as home/landing page, services, products, terms of service, guarantee, subscription, about page, etc. Be sure to have the required content for all of these pages. Don’t forget that privacy policy if you collect any information (email, name ect.) from your visitors, & an advertising disclosure if you’re displaying affiliate or 3rd party links! This is required by law.
  • Blogs & Posts/Articles
    • A blog should be part of your content marketing strategy.
    • Set yourself a schedule for writing articles/posts for your blog regularly.
    • Be sure to included sufficient visual imagery throughout the content of your posts.
    • In each post, include at least 1 text or anchor link to another relevant area of your website.
    • Make sure to “Drip Feed” your content.
  • SSL
    • SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”; it essentially creates an encrypted connection between the user’s web browser and the server, so that all information transferred between the two stays safe, private, and secure. Make sure to have an SSL installed on your website or blog – sites with this security feature are now preferred in Google search over those without it, and if you want to use Paypal buttons they won’t work on an unsecured domain, so it’s a must have!
  • Mobile Responsive
    • Your website/blog must display well on all devices!
    • Test your site on Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool, or me
    • WordPress makes it easy to have a mobile responsive site, especially with WP VC Composer Plugin. Most eCommerce solutions like Shopify (which I highly recommend as an eCommerce solution) and the like are already mobile responsive or offer apps to make your store responsive. Be sure to use these tools, test your site and make sure it looks good on all devices. Make adjustments if it doesn’t display well.


  • Email Marketing
    • Get an effective autoresponder, like Get Response or Aweber, to build an email marketing list.
    • Set up newsletters, don’t pitch products too often, give value!


  • YouTube
    • YouTube could very well turn into a major source of traffic to your site…and it’s free! Your videos can even be monetized –just don’t try to monetize anything that may be considered controversial or offensive.
    • Observe Youtube best practices for posting videos as well as metadata for the views possible.
  • Video
    • If you prefer not to get involved with YouTube, you still have the option of creating awesome videos and loading them to video hosting platforms like Amazon S3, or Vimeo, and then embedding them in your site for all to see!
    • Be aware of the top video types; Explainer & real footage type videos.
    • Use software like Explaindio Video Creator to create eye-catching explainer videos, and other marketing video.

So that’s the basics for a good foundation in Content Marketing. You should set all applicable elements above up and attend to them regularly. Of course, there is a lot more to it. If you want more information about Content Marketing I have that for you in the Content Marketing Crash Course here>>

I’ll be posting more great information as time permits. Remember, I’m focusing my efforts over at Video Graphics Edge, setting up to provide affordable, quality graphics for your video and video marketing projects. And there are also static graphics for your Branding, website, blog and more, so be sure to join me over there too!

I hope you found this post helpful and informative. And I hope it helps you come away with a better understanding of Content Marketing Importance & Ethics. I’ll have new information for you at least weekly, so be sure to join me for my newsletter, and visit the blog again soon!

Content Marketing Importance & Ethics

Catch Up On Your NAPS

Catch Up On Your NAPS

Catch Up On Your NAPS

Here is a quick tip to help small businesses get better coverage online. As you may know, I’m not talking about sleep. I’m talking about your name, address and phone number on the top ranked directories online; also known as NAPS. These directories generally offer basic listings for free, and those free listings can have a big impact on your visibility online, so make sure and Catch Up On Your NAPS!

These days people tend to go looking for what they want or need on the web, even when it comes to local services or products. Mobile devices have made it far easier to grab this information fast, right at their fingertips, rather than going for the phone book. Hence, having your NAPS accurately listed within online directories is just as critical today as having a business listing in local phone books used to be.

Getting this information in place and/or up to date is a good way to start off every new year, but anytime is a good time. You don’t want outdated phone numbers or information in there. Make sure you are checking your information, making sure that everything is up to date and accurate on those directories. You can also pick up some directories that perhaps you may have missed initially. And since things change fast online it’s always a good idea to do a quick search and see if new high authority directories are available.

The top ranked directories get a lot of love from search engines due to their popularity and the high volumes of traffic they receive. These are high domain authority sites that command top search ranks, so your information is likely to show up in a search via one of these directory listings before your website does. And even if your site does have top search ranks, it never hurts to cover another slot under a well-known, trusted directory listing for your keywords.

Simply put, NAPS on these directories can help your customers find you and/or contact you more easily. The information you include helps to inform them of what your business has to offer.

The following are some top directories to make sure to cover:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yext
  • Manta
  • Linkedin

You should make sure to have a presence on all of the top ranked directories. In addition, you may also find that there are popular industry or niche specific directories available to you to list with. While these may not pack as much punch as Yelp or Google, any chance you have to get your local service listing or business listing out there for everyone to see, and give your business the more power to get searched – take it!

Any business with a physical location will benefit from having this information included in high ranking directories. Restaurants, hair salons, plumbing companies, book stores, mechanics shops, coffee shops, even thrift stores. You name it, that business should have up to date, accurate NAPS in online directories.

And of course, online businesses can get a boost by simply having this information out there too. You can list your website, email address and PO Box address and include images and information about your products or services to entice your visitors.

Make sure to include images whenever possible, such as images of your storefront, your team, maybe your top selling product or a new product you are offering. Other information is helpful too; for instance, restaurants can post their menus. You should list any services, certifications or awards you may have. If you can include videos you have available include those. Basically, any information that your customers may find helpful, or might influence them to try your business rather than your competitors should be listed whenever possible.

The type of information you can include and number of images you can have in a given directory may vary, so just include anything you can in each one.

If you find you are really behind on your NAPS and have a lot of updating to do, or if you are just starting out and need to set your listings up on these directories for the first time, set a schedule to set up or update one directory each day until you have them all completed and up to date.

Any time you change your address, get a new phone number or the like remember to make those changes to your directory listings. This will help encourage traffic to your website, or to your place of business!

Catch Up On Your NAPS



Communicating Effectively With Your Audience and Customers

Communicating Effectively With Your Audience and Customers

Communicating Effectively With Your Audience and Customers

It’s the most important aspect of any business, one that can make or break it at every turn. Even if you have all of the other elements that you need in place for your Web Presence, you can wind up losing out for of lack of good communication. So Communicating Effectively With Your Audience and Customers is vital to the success of your business.

This goes for any stage of contact, from your audience, to those who choose to buy something from you or pay for a service (customers). Regardless of where people are in the process of their encounter with your business, you want that experience to be as good as it can be.

This means you need to make the most out of any connection you make with your customers and clients. And you want that experience to be congruent across every area of your Web Presence.

To communicate effectively you will need to help your audience, customers and clients get to know you. Help them understand your business, your goals for helping them, and what your products or services can do for them. Essentially, why they should choose your company over your competition.

Communicating this message effectively to your audience helps establish that all important connection that makes the whole world go around. And when it comes to your business, you want to make sure you are included.

You can do this basically by creating all kinds of content and spreading it around as much as you can. Your static site content, posts on your blog, videos on Youtube, top ranking directory listings, guest blog posts, classifieds, social networking, webinars and so on should all be focused on getting your message out there and making strong emotional connections. These pieces of content are the fuel that drives any successful business.

So that’s your “vehicle” so to speak, for getting your information out there. But you can put loads of content out there and get nowhere fast if it doesn’t resonate well with your audience. Fortunately forging strong emotional connections is more straight forward than you may think…

Give your audience accurate, honest, ample informative content. Content they will perceive to have value. Content that helps them solve problems. Content that makes them feel secure, and motivated to choose your company over others.

While this is a fairly simple concept, there are a few key details we’ll discuss now.

Since we have established that effective communication starts with accuracy and honesty, you want all contact with your audience to adhere to this simple rule. Be sure that everything you put out there is exactly what you say it is, that you are giving your audience the most accurate, up to date information possible. And be sure that you give them enough information about your business to make an informed decision about choosing your products or services.

This means clearly defining who you are, what you are about, what your goals are, about your message. Show them how you can help them solve a problem, or how you can improve their lives. Provide your policies and information about how orders will be handled; the promises you make to your customers.

Pay close attention to information about the products and/or services you are offering – basically provide everything someone would need or want to know about your business in order to become a customer.

Provide Accurate, Comprehensive Information Across Your Web Presence.

I can’t stress this enough. Though it may seem like overkill, and I know I’m repeating myself a bit here, you would be shocked at how many businesses fail miserably short on this. So show your customers and clients that you are different. Show them that your business is honest. That you are considerate about how your customers are treated, that you strive to provide a good experience for them. That you would appreciate their loyalty, and won’t let them down.

Since it’s always best to be honest with your customers, and of course no one is perfect,  you should also address the possibility of issues. You don’t have to weigh heavily on this topic, or place it right out front. Simply add a reasuring statment and instructions on what they should do if an issue arises, provide support contact information that is easy to locate, offer a covenient contact form on your contact page. These things go a long way towards easing worries up front, and help those who need assistance should an issue arise.

Provide every detail about your business, products and services so that there is absolutely no confusion.

Provide an accurate, comprehensive description about your products (and be sure it is unique-don’t use the same description you get from your dropship or wholesale supplier). Include clear images of the item from different angles if at all possible. If you are selling jewelry for instance, include images of the piece on both light and dark backgrounds, or whatever gives the customer the best view of the product. You may even want to set up a great looking background to make your products stand out.

When it comes to your videos do the same. Keep in mind that even though written content is effective and essential, videos are a great opportunity to make an emotional connection with your audience. So be conversational. Talk to them just as you would if you had that person right in front you. You would talk to them in a way that is courteous, professional and helpful.

Spread this information across your entire Web Presence; your website, blog, social networks, articles and marketplaces.

Live up to those promises you make.

Do what you say you are going to do, provide the information, product or service you promised. You will gain the trust of your audience, helping them to make the decision to become a customer.

It will also help you avoid problems after members of your audience become customers. Good communication throughout the entire relationship will result in loyal customers who come back again and again for your products and services. Because they know you will do what you say you will do, provide what you told them you would, and give them the support they need to feel secure in buying from you. (And it will also get you valuable likes, shares and shout outs online which will in turn help bring more traffic to your business.)

Make sure that your information is well organized and easy to find.

Clearly list your company information on an about page that provides all those details about your company. Don’t just stop at listing your contact information and policies. Tell them your story, tell them who you are, what your business is all about. Be informative and professional, but be friendly; make sure they know who you are and what you are all about. Make sure that they feel comfortable. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate by creating well organized menus.

Your product or service pages should contain all the information we discussed earlier; product or service details, ample pictures of your products, or images that accurately depict your product. Do the same with services if possible. Organize these pages in your navigation menu or menus so they are easy to find. Provide a search box so visitors can easily find what they are looking for. And feature popular products, items that are on sale, or those you recommend most on your home page.

You get the idea, make sure they can easily locate any information they need to get a super accurate idea of what your product or service is. And make sure to clearly define what your product or service will do for them. Give all the details and information you can!

Never forget to double check your content for quality; spell check everything and make sure your grammar is correct. Have someone else check it over if needed. Just make sure that your written content looks professional, because people do notice. But don’t get fanatic about it, a few errors here and there humanizes your business, just as long as it’s not too often.

Make sure to follow best practices and talk to your audience on social platforms regularly. And do the same with other external areas of your Web Presence.

All of this effort will pay off. It will not only help you acquire customers and clients, it will also help you keep them. By giving them information of obvious quality that they can find easily. Provide them with information they can count on, and products and services they love, and you will gain valuable, loyal customers. You can even become an authority in your niche, which should be your ultimate goal. And that will bring you even more success.

Provide Excellent Customer Support.

Aside from it’s obvious benefits to your business, customer service is also one of the best ways to stand out among your competition. If you go look at your competitors’ online reviews, you are likely to find more than one getting reports from customers that were not satisfied with that companies’ service. Astonishingly enough, you may even find top competitors making this mistake time and time again. Even though they know that good support is vital, a lot of businesses simply don’t provide quality customer service. Do a better job than they do, and you can pick up valuable customers.

Some of the top mistakes you will see: they don’t respond to email inquiries quickly, they don’t return phone calls, or their support is not friendly and informative. In some cases, this is due to simple lack of support staff. If you encounter this problem, it’s best to outsource the job than go lacking for timely, quality support. And in a day and age where basic email support services can be put into place for around $20 per month, it’s just plain silly to comprimise on this critical aspect.

Think of all the information you provide online as customer support.

Because even before they went astray with their customer support, those businesses were failing to provide enough information for their customers. Perhaps they even gave inaccurate information. They don’t communicate to their audience and let them know who they are, what they are about. A surprising number of businesses don’t provide enough information right up front about their products and services either. And all too often customers find that what they thought they were buying isn’t all it was worked up to be. We all know this dissapointment first hand, and you don’t want to land yourself in that category.

For one thing, if you communicate effectively it reduces the amount of support customers need after purchase. Now, that’s not to say that you won’t get questions from customers or encounter some issues. But it’s a sure bet there won’t be as much support work to do because they were well informed before they chose to do business with you.

When Things Do Go Wrong…

You will have dissatisfied customers from time to time, no matter how on your game you are with your communication. The up side; issues like this are perhaps the best opportunity you have to make a powerful statement about your business.

People make mistakes; it happens. And for the most part consumers understand that. So when you encounter an issue do everything you can to work it out and make them happy. Make a happy customer as often as you can. You’ll find that in most cases all they want is to feel that their concerns are being addressed, that they are being heard. And that you are there, more than happy to help as much as you can to make them happy.

This starts with getting back to customers and clients immediately or as soon as possible if they contact you with a question, concern or an issue. Read their email all the way through a few times so that you can address each of their concerns directly and precisely.

Even so there will be times when there is just no fix, even if you offer a full refund. You just can’t make everyone happy all the time, and a certain amount of this is to be expected. Unless you have an oddly high rate of such instances, don’t let this get you down. Just work to remedy the issues you can. Sometimes you’ll even get high marks in online reviews for the fixes you worked hard to provide for those tough customers. Either way, this will reduce the number of permanently unhappy customers or clients significantly.

Cultivate Reviews Whenever Possible.

Todays’ consumer has a world of information at their fingertips. They are more well-informed than any time in the past, and they are apt to check company or business reviews online before they buy. This means that you should encourage customers to leave you reviews on Google and other high ranked review platforms, even your website, so that those prospective customers can see what others are saying they can expect from you.

Be sure to check your online reviews regularly, at least once a month or so. Sometimes unhappy customers don’t give you a chance to rectify an issue before hopping online and giving you a bad review. So you won’t even know that they were unhappy with their experience. If you find someone who was not satisfied with your product or service, respond to those people and do your best to see if you can fix things to their satisfaction if you can.

Now for some finishing touches.

Keep your information up to date. Don’t put out that initial information and forget it. When something about your business, products or services change, always remember to ensure that all of your information reflects those changes, across your entire Web Presence.

Refresh your content from time to time; return customers like to see well maintained information. They view new content or updated content as coming from a business that is on the ball. A company that is attentive and serious about their business. Meanwhile, search engines love to see fresh content at least once every six months.

Don’t let your information get stagnate. Rewrite some of your content, like your product or service descriptions, or update your images if you have some that could stand a makeover. Even if nothing has changed, fresh content is always a plus. And be sure to add new information on a regular basis.

Keep your information, images and so on organized and stored into folders so you can quickly and easily recover it if you need to. Sometimes websites crash, or something goes wrong and content gets deleted. You don’t want to have to write all that content, or take those pictures of products again. Keep your content safe with copies of everything stored in some different locations. You’ll save yourself huge headaches in the future.

Make customer support faster and easier; compile a collection of responses to common questions or concerns. When you get an email to your support inbox that you encounter often, you can simply copy and paste the response, make necessary adjustments to personalize them a bit and click send.

You can also list these responses on a Q&A section of your website for everyone to see. That way you can work smarter, instead of harder, and still come off with stellar support.

If you are just starting out, then this may seem like a lot to cover. It may seem even harder if you are already affected by communication blunders. Just take your time, tackle one area a day or perhaps one thing a week. For instance; work on your static pages this week, directory listings the next, set customer email support in place the next week, and so on. Keep going down through the topics we’ve covered here until you have the information in place for solid, effective communication.

Implementing the information and techniques we have discussed here will have you Communicating Effectively With Your Audience and Customers like a pro in no time. Your customers will be happier, and you will be happy because your business with grow and thrive all the better for it!

Communicating Effectively With Your Audience and Customers

Building Authority & Trust The Right Way

Building Authority & Trust The Right Way

Building Authority & Trust The Right Way

Thanks for stopping by the blog; I have a nice little treat for you here today. This great infographic describes the path to gaining the authority and trust of your online audience, customers and clients.

When you cannot speak to people in person, it makes it seemingly rather difficult to build a good repor. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to achieve, even on the internet. Sure there’s something to be said for charisma, and personality that your customers or clients may like, but when you take a look at the infographic I have for you here, you should begin to realize that it’s the peice of mind you can provide, the connection with you that they respect and trust the most. My point: you won’t build authority and trust if you don’t do these things offline, let alone online.

Anyway, I couldn’t say it better myself, so here you go:

Building Authority & Trust The Right Way

Building Authority & Trust The Right Way

Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

Addicted to your landing pages or sales pages? Maybe you are thinking of using these pages to sell your products or services? Or perhaps you are working on your first sales page or funnel right now. If you are consumed with trying to create the perfect landing page, you’re out of luck…because there is no such thing. Not so far anyway.

There are however certain people who have put more time, more money, and far more consideration into carefully crafting their landing and sales pages than us dedicated, yet hobbyist landing page and funnel designers. And if you want your sales pages to really shine, they are the ones to pay attention to.

The Perfect Landing or Sales Page?

Admittedly no. These people do not have THE perfect landing or sales page. Since what works can vary from product to product, niche to niche, brand to brand, even season to season, and most importantly from one demographic to the other, the perfects sales page is likely never to happen. Especially with new technology driving us along at seemingly lightning speed; all those wildly attractive new elements, and styles to use. Let’s just face it, the way things are going we will all be doing video sales pages soon. Probably should be doing it now. And looking to figure out 3D, holograms, or something of the sort next. 

But the perfect sales page. Not a chance. No, but we can certainly strive to attain, and succeed in producing what the elite pros of online marketing achieve; landing pages and sales pages that convert like crazy. And that is our goal, right? So if you are interested in crafting stunning sales pages, sales funnels, and spellbinding landing pages, you go to the experts. And one of my all time favorites is Neil Patel. This man made his first fortune before the age most of us even finished college! I particularly like that he works hard to openly share his experience, information, techniques and knowledge with others.

And while we are talking landing pages, sales pages and funnels, I must also speak the name: Patric Chan. Both of these guys make millions of dollars a year, and they do it mostly by creating killer sales pages that convert like nobodies’ business. And better yet, with laid-back style (at least in Patric Chans case anyway), they frequently share some of their lucrative secrets with us!

So I thought I would call attention to all Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts out there, when I came across this awesome Landing Page infographic Neil Patel created. And he has made it insanely easy for us to share his recipe for success, so I figured “Why Not?” So I present to you the following informative and entertaining infographic: (Study well & enjoy!)

The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Landing & Sales Pages Made Simple

Easy right? C’mon, you can do it. If you follow my blog, you know that I am all about sharing essential information to help everyone succeed in their online goals. AND you know I don’t want you to get ripped off by those who would take advantage of you. And they are out there. So I hope you enjoyed Neils’ Landing Page Infographic here, and as always, I hope you will take the most important step: ACTION. Go implement some of this great stuff in your own Landing & Sales pages, save yourself some money, and be pleasantly surprised with the results!

If You Are A Landing Page & Sales Page Newbie

To make these landing and sales pages that work like they need to, experts like Neil recommend using the same WordPress Plugin I prefer. It comes with a sensational page builder, and outstanding Membership capabilities. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the guys who create some of the most valuable Landing and Sales pages in the world use the very same membership plugin I use. I already knew years ago it was the best sales page/landing page builder I’d come across.  It comes with great documentation, and loaded with options to make your membership sites, sales pages and funnels pop. It integrates with JVZoo and Clickbank beautifully. But that’s just cool! 

You can just Click Here to check it out.  (Yes, this is an affiliate link. However, I have no problem referring you to this life saver of a plugin, and I thank you for the coffee if you use the link.)

If you want to just go there and not share a bit of your well-spent money with me, I won’t hold it against you. Click Here instead. But if you are looking into this kind of WP functionality, please do check it out. It’s totally worth it, I promise you.

Okay, so that’s all I have for you for now. I truly hope you enjoyed the post, and learned something that will really help you out. And I guarantee Neils’ formula will do wonders for your Sales & Landing pages. Just use it and you’ll see.

Until next time, Learn, Explore, Enjoy,

And create beautifully valuable pages!


Attention: Landing Page & Sales Page Addicts

Adaptability and eCommerce – Be Water My Friend

Adaptability and eCommerce – Be Water My Friend

Adaptability and eCommerce – Be Water My Friend

A great man once said, “Be water my friend.” And when the legendary Bruce Lee shared his philosophy with the world during a television interview in 1971, he was referring to adaptability. To open-minded, focused thinking that allows one to insightfully shape themselves to better handle any situation, to succeed in whatever they do. In his characteristically exuberant, Zen-like manner, he explained:

“Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless. Like water. Now you put water into in a cup…it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow…or it can crash.” And with a crafty, knowing smile he finished; “Be water my friend.”

Highly adept at this much sought after, and cherished skill of flexibility, Bruce Lee’s unique, innovative philosophy, and varied martial arts styles made him controversial to some, and beloved to others. But his talent for being highly adaptable and open to any and every successful move possible gave him infiniate room to talk. One is hard pressed to find a better example of a person who could so successfully adapt to the fullest, than Bruce Lee. After all, the mans’ whole life was one adaptation after another, and he used this ability to the fullest, becoming one of those rare individuals with much to share with the world. And even rarer yet, he was always happy to do so.

The Philosophy of Flexibility.

While this philosophy is highly relevant to pretty much every aspect of life, I am particularly drawn to the concept of its relevance to the world of business; most especially when it comes to eCommerce.

While I strive to be as adaptable, and open minded as possible myself, I find that there is perhaps no better place to practice, and benefit from a talent for adaptability than when you make your living online. In fact, carving out your own niche, and making an income on the web demands that you adapt, and “flow” at all times in order to succeed.

I find that its’ exactly what Lee described when he spoke about water; you must be flexible. And coming to the conclusion that believing in only one way, one particular style, that is written in stone and must be observed at all times is the surest way to fail, he forever changed the world of martial arts by adopting all of the styles one can; or more overly, any style that proved to be successful.

Adaptability, Flexibility Wins Throughout History

There are many well known examples of this concept being successfully applied to business, even before there was an internet. Go all the way back to the legendary companies that formed throughout the late 1800’s, and the early 20th century, like Ford, Sears & Roebucks, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, all the way through the late 20th century, like Apple.  All amazingly successful because they looked beyond the standard methodology and acceptable practices of the time to enthrall their customers with something new, something better. They saw a demand or potential demand, sometimes even created that demand themselves, and they went for it. It didn’t matter to them that there was a way that was considered standard. They looked to a better, more successful way, regardless of the popularity of that idea.

Great musicians adapt their musical style to suit new generations and trends, clothing designers adapt their clothing designs. Take Chris Cornell for example; his skillful ability to adapt to more popular styles of music along with an updated yet still quintessential “Cornell” look have kept him on top well into his 50’s. And more power to him. That’s what we all need, and savvy online businesses know it. Successful businesses with staying power know that to be adaptable, is to not only survive, but to thrive. Without adaptation, all would go stale, and stagnate, and slowly fade away. Covered by a snowstorm of newer, more enticing marketing, strategies, products and services.

This concept has been proven throughout history to yield stellar results. Adapting well, and intuitively to your environment or situation, whatever it may be, being flexible, and open to new ideas, strategies, and methods is the best way to stay super competitive, and highly effective. To experience success. And adapting to the needs of your audience, customers, and clients is of utmost importance. The ability to flow from one thing to the next, taking all in stride, with opportunistic determination; that’s the stuff that successful, enduring businesses are made of, and it rarely fails.

Adaptability and eCommerce – Be Water My Friend
Photograph by Tina Barnash © 2016 | All Rights Reserved.

Empty Your Mind…So You Can See

To achieve this one cannot cloud their mind with thoughts of any one way, because this leads them to ignore, or perhaps even entirely miss, new things that may well prove lucrative if only recognized. Now, this does not mean re-invent the wheel when it is working, only that you should always keep an eye out for, and be open to, new concepts, methods, and strategies that will add to your success, new things that work. But you have to see them first. And to do that, you must open your mind.

And with this constant need for adaptability come new, exciting challenges every day; and perhaps the best opportunity one can find to grow, and thrive in the modern world. Which is infinitely appealing, and exciting to me. But then again, hasn’t it always been that way if only one was open minded, and flexible? After all, way back somewhere in time, someone certainly got the idea (most likely controversial at the time) to fashion clothing to keep themselves warm, to see a demand and create something to fulfill it; you get the idea. Most things were at one time un-thought of, and yet today it is considered a standard concept.

The Necessity of Successful Adaptation

Now, certainly some of that adaptability comes about in order to protect ones self.  A modern example would be in the case of recovering from a severe hack on your website, or surviving a downturn in the economy. So there is risk involved too, but what else is new? Doesn’t this just give us a chance to improve, learn new moves and strategies to protect ourselves, and move to new opportunities? It improves business “Kung Fu” so to speak.

Adapting For Something Better

Now may be the best time in history to take advantage of this concept. The internet provides us not only with the ability to let our unique gifts and talents shine on a global scale, but also the opportunity to make something of ourselves that was never possible before, something better. To share those gifts and talents with the world in a way we never could before, helping others along the way.

I mean, it’s easy to forget to just stop and take a look at the internet for what it is anymore. It seems as if we have been working at it for so long, diving down every rabbit hole that comes along, drilling right down to the last detail of every technique and strategy possible. Learning every new thing that comes along that we can. But when you just take a moment to stand back and see all that the web has become, everything it’s become to us, what changes it’s made to our lives, it really is beautiful. Or at least it can be.

Like Bruce Lee, we can incorporate new styles, new forms, new knowledge, and skills with those we already possess, and we can come away wiser, and better human beings, with more successful businesses for it. We can share, and grow, and create success from nothing more than determination, and practically thin air. We can set our own schedules, our own financial limits, help the envronment, be the people we were meant to be, and pass this knowledge on to others. But only if we adapt, learn, and open our minds to new ideas and concepts.

To me, very few things in life hold a candle to the possibilities we have online.  Very little is as worthy of our time, and so inspiring that you can wake up each new day, excited to get to see what comes your way. Nothing, with the exception of one thing; our children.

More than just your business…

And when you can make your world better by making a living online, you make their lives better as well. You can make more of your time with your children; more time, and a richer, fuller life with them. And then too, you can pass what you know on to your children. If you have one of those marvelous, like minded kids, who looks forward to doing what you do, and loving the job for what it is, you can especially ensure a better living for future generations too. All because you passed on this gift of adaptability, of possessing an open mind. That goes for every aspect of life.

More than us…

And it’s not just our children, and our income that benefit greatly from this way of making a living. The world itself benefits every time new successful online income is attained. How? Because every time this happens, it’s one less individual using gas to drive a car, or ride a bus to work. One less person using all that paper, less of a burden on our ecosystem. And now, that adaptation makes a whole new difference to the world.

If he were alive today, I wonder what Bruce Lee would think of the world wide web. Presumably, the master of adaptability, of crash and flow would no doubt take advantage of this amazing technology. I should think he would share his philosophical views, and ever improving martial arts style with the even more of the world than he did in his lifetime. And no doubt someone with so much talent and passion for that state of mind, and teaching others along the way, would quickly adapt. And keep on adapting to thrive, online. It would have been quite a thing to see.

Be Formless, Shapeless…online.

But regardless of what the master of adaptation would have done with this wonderful gift, what I really want you to focus on here is this; what will you do with it?

Will you endeavor to adapt, to grow, and thrive online? I certainly wish this for all of my fellow entreprenuers, my clients, and students. I wish you all the best in your business endeavors; all you truly deserve in life. And after having pondered this extensively on this crisp, beautiful fall evening, my only advise to you is: “Be water my friend.”

Until next time; take care. Explore, Learn, Enjoy – and strive to be adaptable!

Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy

Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy

Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy

Thank you for stopping by the blog! Today I have wonderful news; I am happy to announce that the branding course I’ve been working on for you is ready! Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy! 

Branding for Beginners - Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on UdemyAs you may already know, I am packing tons of techniques, strategies, tips, tricks, resources, information and instruction for online tools you can use to get the job done, into eLearning Video eCourses designed to help you with all aspects of creating your online presence. In an effort to make getting this essential information and training as easy, and affordable for you as possible, I am making these great courses available on Udemy, a trusted online learning platform where you can purchase, and access the course any time you need, forever.

I have started with Branding, because well, that’s pretty much where it all begins in earnest for any business. All the excitement, all the anticipation, all the work, and unfortunately in a lot of cases, all the worry, frustration, and expense too. That’s why I designed this course to help you develop a successful branding strategy, and create an amazing logo for your business, as quickly, easily, and affordably as possible. Even if you have no previous experience in branding or graphic design. Whether you need a personal or company brand, this course has you covered.

Branding for Beginners Course on Udemy

In the course, I’ll walk you step by step through essential branding aspects like name creation, color psychology, color research, brand imagery and more, then show you the best (effective & affordable) way to hire a professional designer to create your logo, or create your very own custom logo using FREE online tools! It’s up to you; I have provided everything you need to get your logo created either way.

And those of you who know me, know that keeping things effective, yet efficient, is my top priority when it comes to getting the job done. Do it right, the first time, and do it while keeping costs down as much as possible. No need to pay more than you have to, as long as you can do it right, and spend less. Because, especially for startups and entrepreneurs, keeping those initial expenses down means your business has a better chance of starting, surviving, and thriving. Keeping your startup costs down means that you don’t have to make as much just to stay in business, which is critical, especially these days.

But enough economics…let’s talk convenience for a minute. See, I know from experience that finding time to learn new skills can be really tough. I am a wife, and a mom, and I am after all only human. So I understand the need for learning things when your schedule will allow, instead of someone else setting the schedule. Since eLearning solves that problem for all of us right from the start, I began this journey over a year ago in an effort to make my guidance, information, and training available to you whenever you need it. Whenever you have the time. 

I am so glad I did, already, people are benefiting from the course, when they have the time, instead of whenever we can get together for an appointment, or session. Besides, things are so much better when neither of us are rushed by time constraints. I can teach you better, and more effectively. You can learn more effectively, and we both come away with the best possible results. I am so glad I could find a way to offer us both this win-win situation!

So, I had a lot of fun making this course; granted, it was a lot of hard work, but I kept thinking how much this would help everyone out, and that made all the work so much more exciting, and fun. So, when it comes right down to it, things would have been so much more difficult, without you! 

So I would like to thank all of my clients, students, and followers everywhere for your support and encouragement in developing and creating these wonderful courses, and I hope to see you there for this initial course in Personal or Company Branding for Beginners.

I am so excited to get all of my courses available on Udemy for you to learn to your hearts’ content, and make the most of your business, and your dreams. And I hope you will join me for these essential courses as well. So be sure to keep an eye out on my Udemy profile; you’ll be seeing lots more courses there soon!

That being said, I have one more thing for you here that will make your quest for effective, affordable branding easier; just for you, my clients, students, and friends, I have create a special discount on the course! Click any of the links in this post, and you will receive $30 off this $85 course through Cyber Monday 2016! 

You can also get a sneak peak at the course before you buy; just click on one of the links here, and once you are over at Udemy click the preview button next to the introduction part of the course – you can watch the whole lecture for free! You’ll see what I have included in the course, and everything I will be showing you if you choose to become my student.

So, that’s about all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, and I hope you’ll join me for Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy!

Click Here to Check Out my eCourse on Udemy!

Branding for Beginners Course on Udemy

Branding for Beginners – Personal or Company Business Brand eCourse Live on Udemy

Udemy Courses As Promised

Udemy Courses As Promised

Udemy Courses As Promised

I have been working to create those informative Udemy Courses As Promised; this first course is about Branding Personal or Company Businesses. I just got some coffee, took a refreshing look at those beautiful fall colors outside (it may be silly but I find them so inspiring), and now I am anxious to get back to work! Just thought I would pop in here real quick and post an update…

So, I decided to start with the topic of Branding because, well, that’s pretty much where things get started in earnest for all of us. I am trying to cover things in sequential order so that one could take all of my courses and come away with pretty much everything they need to create their web presence, from start to finish. Of course, your web presence is never truly “finished”, but if you have read through the information here on the site, you know that my goal is to get all of that great information out of my head, and into awesome eLearning materials, like video eCourses, and eBooks, so I can reach more people with this essential information.

eLearning Udemy Courses

My clients are generally keen to cut through the confusion, and get right down to what really matters, building an online business that gets results. Ant that is exactly what my courses are designed to do. Also, I am making these courses available on eLearning sites like Udemy for your convenience. I think you will agree that these eCourse sites are awesome, because once you purchase a course, you have access to it any time you want, forever. And downloadable materials are included in my courses to help you out even more. I’m doing everything I can to ensure that my courses are as effective, and beneficial for you as possible. I even utilize the advice and suggestions of professional educators who know how to teach effectively.  Everything I can think of to make things easier for you, and help you get the skills and knowledge you need to get that online business up and running smoothly.

With this first course, I am going to walk you through the process of creating a suitable brand for your business, whether you will be branding yourself, or your company. What’s the difference? Well, you will be able to get the entire low-down once I make this course available.

I will also walk you through other critical aspects of your brand, like my one of my personal favorites, Color Psychology. This one is lots of fun because you will learn how colors effect your audience, and their perception of your brand, and your business. It’s pretty interesting, and I am sure you will enjoy it. I will also cover choosing theme colors, invoking emotion with your brand, and finding out who your target demographic is, and what they want to see in your brand. I will help you decide on your theme colors, branding imagery, and choosing a name for your business. And last but not certainly not least, I will be walking you step by step through creating a suitable text graphic or image logo for your business. The best part? I’m going to show you how to do this using FREE online tools!

As you can see I have lots to share with you, and I am so excited to help you with this very important step in getting yourself or your company, and your products and services available on the web for the whole world to enjoy!

I know this is a bit of a short post, and those of you who know me are probably thinking “What? No waxing rhapsodic today?”. Nope, sorry guys. No elaboration today! I’m off to work on that Udemy Course As Promised, and I’ll catch up with you again soon.

Oh yes, don’t forget to Join Me for lots of great information in my newsletter. Just subscribe today and I’ll send you a helpful, free resource guide with your first newsletter, just for joining me! So go ahead and subscribe, and I’ll see you there.

In the meantime, all my best. And be sure to get out there this weekend and enjoy those fall colors before they are gone!

Udemy Courses As Promised
Photograph by Tina Barnash © 2016 | All Rights Reserved.

Udemy Courses As Promised

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